Vesna Pavlovic / Display, Desire 2007 © SOIL GALLERY

Vesna Pavlovic / Display, Desire 2007 © SOIL GALLERY

1995年に設立された「ソイル」は、地元アーティストたちによって協同で設立、支援、運営されている非営利のギャラリーである。アーティストたちが作品を展示し、発展させ、進化させる場所としてFounded in 1995, SOIL is a not-for-profit cooperative space established, supported and operated by local artists. 、様々なメディアにおける多様なアート作品を発信している。設立以来、ペインティング、ドローイング、彫刻、光、ワックス、チョコレート、しっくいを使ったアート、インタラクティブアート、ニュー・メディア、彫刻インスタレーション、サウンド・インスタレーション、実験的インスタレーション、映像から、詩の朗読、パフォーマンス、音楽イベント、分類不可能なアートまで、メンバーが認めたあらゆる作品を世に送り出してきた。

住所:112 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
TEL:+1 206 264 8061
SOIL exists as an alternative venue for artists to exhibit, develop, and advance their work, and is committed to exhibiting and celebrating art of diverse media and content. The cooperative has been in existence for eleven years and has been consistent in showing a different exhibition each month that opens on every first Thursday. It has received substantial local as well as national press attention.

We have shown painting, drawing, sculpture, light based work, wax art, chocolate art, plaster art, interactive art, gerbil art, new media, sculptural installations, sound installations, experiential installations and video. We have also hosted poetry readings, performances, musical events, and other unclassified art… In other words, SOIL will show almost anything, provided it is accepted by the membership.

We take submissions for curated shows on a continual basis. All proposals are viewed by the membership and accepted or declined on a 2/3 vote. If you are proposing an idea for a curated show it is imperative that your statement of intent, concept and background research on the topic be clear and leave us with a strong impression. Images are crucial to our understanding of your proposal. We are, for the most part, a visual group and strong images backed with a strong statement will impress needed membership. All accepted proposals are dependent upon open slots in our exhibition schedule.

Address: 112 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: +1 206 264 8061
地址:112 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
电话:+1 206 264 8061

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