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© Rokkatei

© Rokkatei

Makomanai Station is the south end of the Nanboku Line which connects the north and south sides of central Sapporo. Taking 15 minute slow walk from the station you will find a house nestled near Makomanai Park called “Rokka Bunko”札幌の中心部を南北につなぐ地下鉄・南北線の南の終点である真駒内にある「六花文庫」。夏にはツタの葉で覆われる戸建ての瀟酒な建物は、以前は北海道の名菓「六花亭」の真駒内店として利用されていたもので、2004年に喫茶「六花文庫」として生まれ変わった。約7000冊にもおよぶ「食」をテーマにした本を所蔵しており、食文化の歴史本や菓子づくりの実用書、食を題材にした小説、エッセー、雑誌など幅広いセレクションの中から好きな本を自由に閲覧できる素敵な場所だ。




Text: Mariko Takei
run by Hokkaido’s famous confectionery Rokkatei. Originally used as the Makomanai branch of Rokkatei’s shop, Rokka Bunko was reopened as a cafe in April 2004. The ivy-clad house has a collection of 7,000 books themed on food, and visitors can enjoy browsing their favorite books from a wide range of selections including historical books of food culture, how-to books on confectionery making, novels, essays and magazines that focus on food.

As one of the Rokkatei’s cultural activities, Rokka Bunko was created by the NPO “Oda Tokyoshirou Memorial Fund“ and named after the founder’s name of Rokkatei with the aim to develop food culture in Hokkaido. Rokka Bunko offers a place not only for browsing their book collection to the public, but also for holding regular book reading events. In October 2007, they also started a project called “Rokka File” which offers a place to present artwork collected from the public. Each selected artwork is set in a Rokkatei‘s flower print box, which is displayed in a cabinet. You can enjoy watching your favorite art pieces as you get a similar feeling to that of opening a jewel box.

Rokka Bunko has 3 reading areas: chairs by the entrance, tables by the book shelves and armchairs by the fireplace in the back of the house. You can buy coffee for 300 yen with free refills; and is just a great place to have a relaxing moment to read your favorite books while sitting next to a big window which lets the sun light come in.

Rokka Bunko
Address: 3 Kamimachi, Makomanai, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: 011-588-6666

Text: Mariko Takei


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