真駒内セキスイハイム アイスアリーナMakomanai Ice Arena

© Sapporo City

© Sapporo City

Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena is a multipurpose stadium located in the Makomanai Park in the south district of Sapporo. It was built for the purpose of holding the events of the 11th Winter Olympics in 1972真駒内セキスイハイムアイスアリーナは、札幌市南区、真駒内公園にある多目的競技場。1972年の第11回冬季オリンピックのメイン会場として設計され、1970年に真駒内屋内競技場と屋外競技場が共に完成した。





真駒内セキスイハイム アイスアリーナ

Text: Asami Miyamura
, and both the indoor and outdoor stadiums were completed in 1970.

The indoor stadium was used for the closing ceremony, figure skating and ice hockey, while the outdoor stadium was used for the opening ceremony and speed skating events. After the Olympics, the stadiums have played host to major winter sports events such as the Winter Asian Games and Toyota Big Air.

Aside from being a competition space, the stadiums have become a much-celebrated and well-loved public space that’s suitable all year round for concerts and events, as well as for skating and indoor sports. In 2007, with the official go-ahead from the company Hokkaido Sekisui Heim, they obtained the rights to rename the stadiums their current name, Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena.

The brilliantly white and large roof of the arena acts as a sharp contrast to Makomanai Park’s luscious greenery. 24 pieces of triangular boards are joined together to form a polygon, which, depending on the weather and seasonal changes in scenery, projects different images – either a harsh look, or a softer one. The modern feel of the ’70s is also expressed in the design and construction of stone pavements in the front garden, the outer walls, the indoor ceilings and the lighting.

Many monuments belonging to the Olympics that were previously displayed and left over in Makomanai Park are now contained in the ice arena. For example, a cursory glance at the pictograms from that time will make you realise their artistic merit in an instant. Won’t it be interesting to keep discovering gems like these?

Makomanai Ice Arena
Address: 1-1 Makomanai Park, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Tel: 011-581-1972

Text: Asami Miyamura
Translation: Bonnie Oeni

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