Photo: Mika Posa

Photo: Mika Posa

Hitomitoi attracts many people with her clear voice. Based on her spicy life traveling around the glob in her childhood, she has produced music ever since she was a high school teen幼少の頃、世界諸国を旅して各地を巡るというスパイシーな暮らしを軸に、高校生の頃より音楽制作を開始して以来、澄みわたる歌声で聴くものを魅了するミュージシャン、一十三十一(ヒトミトイ)。2008年春、喉の手術のため、音楽活動を休止、程なく結婚、出産を経験するという一大転機を向かえた。そして2009年7月、2年ぶりとなるオリジナルシングル「ダイヤモンドレールウェイ」を発表。心身ともにパワーアップし、新たなるステージへと向かっている。











Text: Mariko Takei
. It was in the spring 2008 when the big turning point in her life has come across. She was required to stop working on creating music because of ill on her throat. Soon after she got married and gave a birth to a baby. And now, after a year absence, she appears again in the music scene to move forward to her new stage, with releasing a new single “Diamond Railway“.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello. I’m Hitomitoi, a musician born and raised in Sapporo.

Why did you aspire to become a musician and how did you manage to make a debut?

I was influenced by my brother who did recording music in the house, and I started to make music with him. After graduating from high school, I met many nice people in the town and at clubs at rehearsal, which brought me a chance to make a debut. And now I live in Tokyo where I’ve never thought to live.

After you stop working as a musician because of your ill in the spring 2008, I heard that you experienced marriage and giving a birth and finally started your music activity. Did you find any change or new things happening in your music work?

The year of 2008 was exactly a year of change. Having polyp on my throat and giving a birth, both are like a body revolution! I strongly felt the change in my body led the change of my life. It was like to live in the new age by changing myself as my 30 th anniversary. So I’m also excited how the change will be reflected on my music creation.

Your parents owns a famous soup curry shop, Magic Spice, in Sapporo. Based in Sapporo until your high school days, your family has travel around the world since you were a kid. Do you think such environment has inspired your musician life in a way?

As I have spent spontaneous and spicy life in a open environment in Hokkaido, I tend to create my own original harmony.

Please share with us your favorite places in both Tokyo and your home ground Sapporo.

In Sapporo I like to walk/play around in the parks including Odori Park, Moerenuma Park, Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park and Ishiyama Ryokuchi. Full of nature.
In Tokyo, I like Park Hyatt Tokyo Peak Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so, National Museum and The National Art Center, Tokyo, where is like oasis to escape from the urban noise.

Text: Mariko Takei

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