十勝川温泉 三余庵Sanyoan

© Sanyoan

© Sanyoan

There is one of the famous hop spring in Tokachi region in Hokkaido. With fertile land and mountains of Hidaka and Daisetsu, the Tokachigawa hot spring, known as botanical moor hot springs, comes out from the Tokachi River肥沃な大地と日高や大雪の山並みが広がる十勝地方に北海道有数の温泉地がある。大自然の中を緩やかに流れる十勝川から生み出される、「美人の湯」としても知られる「モール温泉」を源泉とする十勝川温泉だ。植物由来の有機物を多く含むモール泉は世界でも2ケ所しかない希少な温泉といわれており、北海道遺産に認定されている。





十勝川温泉 三余庵
. Said to be only found in 2 places in Japan, the vegetative moor hot spring is known as a rare spa resource in Japan, and was designated as a Hokkaido Heritage.

Situated in the Tokachigawa hot spring area, Sanyoan is a spa resort with 11 guest rooms, all of each has equipped with a hot spring tub. Designed by an internationally known architect group Atelier Zo, based in Tokachi and Tokyo, Sanyoan provides a brilliant space with a full of essence of various participated creators such as a leading Japanese plaster craftsman Akira Kusumi, national and international award winning lighting designer Reiko Chikada, and glass artist in Tokachi, Yoshinori Katsuno. In addition, their logo was designed by Takayoshi Kaneko, a Japanese calligraphy artist who has lead the modern poetry work movement.

With a open kitchen, the main dining serves Japanese cuisine using food in Tokachi, selected seafood from Hiroo Tokachi, oranically grown beef, and locally harvested vegetables. The menu is updated every 2 months, you can enjoy seasonal meals.

Sanyoan also offers other activities such as a genuine aromatherapy salon supervised by Chiyoko Kusakabe, one of Japan’s leading phytotherapists and aromatherapists, bar and library where you can enjoy reading books about climates of Tokachi and Hokkaido.

Sanyoan is named after Sanyo Tsuchiya, a great educator and a mentor of the Tokachi and Obihiro region’s pioneering forefather Benzo Yoda. There is an old Chinese teaching that says farmers should study by reading between stints of farm work, particularly at three specific times (“Sanyo” in Japanese literally means “three extra times”), in winter, at night and on rainy days. Enjoy this “sanyo” spirits for your relax moments at Sanyoan.

Address: 13, Tokachigawa-onsen-minami, Otofuke-cho, Hokkaido
Price: 27,450 yen –
Rooms: 11
Tel: 0155-32-6211

Translation: Mariko Takei

十胜川温泉 三余庵

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