翠山亭倶楽部定山渓Jyozainkei Suizantei Club

© Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Co.,Ltd.

© Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Co.,Ltd.

Located in the hot spring resort in Sapporo known as Jozankei Onsen, Jyozankei Suizantei Club is a hotel opened in 2007 for adult for a luxury stay, with an aim to provide upgrade hospitality by Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei「札幌の奥座敷」として親しまれてきた定山渓温泉に位置する「翠山亭倶楽部定山渓」は、大人の休日を贅沢に過ごすための宿。「定山渓第一寶亭留翠山亭」(旧定山渓第一ホテル)がさらなるホスピタリティを提供すべく2007年にオープンした。



食事処は、第一寶亭留の「和」の粋を表現した懐石ダイニングと、最上の素材を活かした料理を鉄板焼きで楽しめるグリルダイニングの二つ。 食事は、2002年にリニューアルした定山渓第一寶亭留翠山亭を利用することもできる。



There are 14 guest rooms in total. Each room has over 56 square meters where you can enjoy views of beautiful nature surrounded by mountains. To enjoy hot spring anytime, each guest room is equipped with a Japanese-cypress made bath tub with sources of hot spring.

The hotel interior is designed in the chic and modern style, and offers a public space to enjoy art as well as a guest lounge for free drink. There is a large hot spring bath, blending of 3 different kinds of hot spring water.

For dining you can choose from 2 different cuisines: Japanese kaiseki dining and grilled dining. You can also enjoy dinner at Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei where was renewal opened in 2002.

Besides Jyozankei Suizantei Club and Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei, there are other franchise hotels in Hokkaido such as Shikotsuko Daiichi Hotel Suizantei, Shikotsuko Suizantei Club, Niseko Weiss Hotel, and Furano Hotel.

Jyozainkei Suizantei Club
Address: 2-10 Jyozankei-onsen-nishi, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Price: 16,800 – 26,250 yen
Rooms: 14
Tel: 011-595-2001

Translation: Mariko Takei

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