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Maly Bowl Hokkaido by Peter Maly © Interior NASU Inc.

Maly Bowl Hokkaido by Peter Maly © Interior NASU Inc.

Asahikawa Furniture has grown with its wood working technique over half a century. It has nationally been known for its use of high quality materials and advanced techniques半世紀に渡って木工の技術を培ってきた旭川家具。旭川家具は、良質な素材と高度な技術に、美しいデザインと優れた機能を兼ね備えることで、全国的にもその名を知られるようになって久しい






as well as its beautiful design and exquisite functionality.

Among many furniture manufacturers in Asahikawa, Interior NASU is one of the leading furniture maker, which received highly acclaim for their ultimate technique. Making both ready-made and custom-made furniture, Interior NASU often gets orders from internationally known furniture designers.

One of such designers is Peter Maly, a German furniture designer who has received a number of international awards. Producing his representative work “Maly Bowl”, Maly made “Maly Bowl Hokkaido”, which was curved with an image of Hokkaido (photo).

Other sophisticatedly designed furniture includes a kitchen piece made out of laminated lumber using solid wood and “SHEEP chair”, which won a Bronze Leaf award for the International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa 2008.

There has been established the Asahikawa Furniture Charter, which includes 5 articles: make what people enjoy, not waste lives of trees, make only high quality pieces as many as needed, continue to repair for a long time use, nurture the next furniture makers.

Interior NASU faithfully observes it and their craftsmanship will be handed down to the next generations. Surrounded by the deep woods, there is a fantastic culture to explore furniture making in Asahikawa.

Interior NASU Inc.
Address: 7-5-23 Kitamachi, Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido
Tel: 0166-82-2585

Translation: Mariko Takei

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