ソーズ・バーSoh’s Bar

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Soh’s BAR is a bar produced by a screenwriter Soh Kuramoto, well-known for a popular TV drama series in Japan “Kita no kuni kara”. With a concept “Bar For Miserable Smokers”テレビドラマ「北の国から」で知られる作家・倉本聰氏のプロデュースしたバー「Soh’s BAR」(ソーズ・バー)。コンセプトは「Bar For Miserable Smokers」(哀れな愛煙家のためのバー)。富良野の森の中に佇む、愛煙家のための大人のバーだ。自身もヘビースモーカーとして知られている。






Soh’s BAR(ソーズ・バー)
, it is a bar dedicated for smokers, situated in the woods in Furano. Sou Kuramoto himself is known as a heavy smoker.

Based in Furano, Kuramoto produced various TV drama series like “Kita no kuni kara”, and later launched Furanojyuku, a private school for learning acting, and produced stage performances nationwide.

In Furano there are many locations for his TV dramas including a cafe Morinotokei (Coffee Forest Clock), Windy Garden, Ningle Terrace, and Rokugou no Mori. “Kita no kuni kara Shiryokan“, a museum for Kita no kuni kara, is opened in 2003.

The interior of the bar is designed chic using massive and beautiful stones and wood. This is the place for having a relaxed moment, escaping the bustle of the busy tourist spots. In Furano there is a famous restaurant “Kumagera“, produced by Kuramoto as well. Here you can enjoy home-made style dishes and their popular menu such as a pot dish serving with venison.

Launched Furano Shizenjuku (Furano Field) in 2005, Kuramoto works to plant trees in the closed-down golf course to restore the forest. They offer various experimental programs such as planting. This would be a place where you can experience his messages to the modern society.

Soh’s BAR
Address: Nakagoryo, Furano, Hokkaido
Opening Hours: 19:00-0:00 (Reservations required)
Tel: 0167-22-1111 (New Furano Prince Hotel)

Translation: Mariko Takei

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