ルース・ロウRuth Lowe

© Ruth Lowe

© Ruth Lowe

Mt. Moiwa is known as the nearest mountain where you can enjoy skiing from the center of Sapporo. Nestled at the foot of the mountain, Ruth Lowe is a cafe restaurant, popular for both locals and tourists札幌の中心部から一番近いスキー場がある山として知られる藻岩山。その麓に佇むルースロウは、オープン以来、地元の人や観光客などからも幅広く支持されているカフェレストランだ。北海道の野菜やバター、牛乳などの新鮮な食材を使用したイタリア・スペインスタイルの欧風料理を楽しめる。



他にスコーンやデザートのセットメニューなどもあり、落ち着いたカフェタイムを楽しむことができる。藻岩山へのドライブ途中に立ち寄ることもできるし、札幌中心部からはバスでのアクセス(じょうてつバス 南33西11下車)もあるので、藻岩山の麓を散策しながら訪れてみてほしい。


Text: Mariko Takei
since its opening. You can enjoy the Italian and Spanish style cuisine using fresh vegetables, butter, milk and other ingredients produced in Hokkaido.

It was 1992 when the owner couple opened the cafe in a newly built brick-finished house, which was built for both living and cafe space. Intrigued by cafes visited during their trip to Europe, they came up with the idea to build and open the cozy cafe/restaurant. In 1999 they added a conservatory to the house for visitors can enjoy meal and cafe time, in summer with terrace tables. In April 2008 they opened a new restaurant in TOKYU department Sapporo.

In the lunch menu that includes homemade bread, salad, drink, and dessert, you can choose your favorite main dish from 5 seasonal plates of pasta, pizza, au gratin, stew, and hamburger. The Paella cooked with Shiretoko-grown chicken and seafood is their popular menu. “Crema Catalana” is their most popular dessert among other menus such as ice creams and scones.

There are dessert and drink set menus for enjoying relaxed cafe time. Great place to stop by during your drive up to Mt. Moiwa. It is also accessible via local bus (getting off at South 33 Nishi 11 bus stop on Jotetsu Bus).

Ruth Lowe
Address: 3-1-17 Moiwashita, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Opening Hours: 11:00-17:00 (L.O.16:30)
Closed on Tuesday
Tel: 011-582-9711

Text: Mariko Takei


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