神々の遊ぶ庭Campana Rokkatei

© Rokkatei

© Rokkatei

Taisetsu mountains are a group of mountains in Tokachi, Hokkaido where the Ainu calls as Kamuimintara, which means the play garden for gods (Kamigami no Asobu Niwa in Japanese)アイヌの人々に「神々の遊ぶ庭」(カムイミンタラ)と呼ばれた大雪山。その名を冠したギャラリーが、大雪山・十勝岳連峰を眼前に望む、富良野・清水山に2010年4月オープンした。ギャラリーには、大雪山連峰を描いた相原求一朗と坂本直行の油彩の作品が常設展示されている。入場は無料。




営業時間:店 舗 9:00〜17:00
. Bearing the name, a gallery Kamigami no Asobu Niwa was opened in April 2010 in Shimizuyama, Furano, where you can view Daisetsu mountains and Mount Tokachi. In the gallery, oil painting works of Naoyuki Sakamoto and Kyuichiro Aihara, who painted Daisetsu mountains, are permanently displayed, with admission free.

The gallery was built in the Rokkatei’s new place “Campana Rokkatei”, which is situated in the vast site of the vineyard. As shown at the gallery, the beautiful landscape of mountains and hills can be viewed from the wide big window. It is worth to visit only for experiencing this view.

A cafe space at Campana Rokkatei serves menus prepared exclusively for this place including waffles, sweets, and ice creams. You can enjoy shopping and tea time with the grand view. One of the famous mutton barbecue restaurant in Tokachi, Shirakaba (est. 1957) opens its door in the restaurant building in the Campana Rokkatei.

In Furano another Rokkatei’s restaurant Rokkasanso was opened in 2010 as well in Furano. It is an advance-reservation-only restaurant, which took 6 years to open its door. You can enjoy the seasonal home-made style Japanese cuisine in the intimate place. You will be treated by the Rokkatei’s best hospitality.

Campana Rokkatei
Address: Shimizuyama, Furano, Hokkaido
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Tea room from 10:00)
Tel: 0120-12-6666

Translation: Mariko Takei

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