キャルス・ファーマシーCal’s Pharmacy

キャルス・ファーマシーは、町で最も親しみやすいスケートショップ。80年代からポートランドのスケーターに質のよいスケートボードやファッションを提供している。Cals Pharmacy has always been the friendliest skateshop in town. Since the 80s, Cals Pharmacy has kept Portland skaters rolling with premium skateboard products along with the freshest footwear and apparel.

Cal’s Pharmacy
住所:11 NE Hancock St. Portland OR 97212
TEL:+1 503 233 1237

Translation: Asami Miyamura
Already under the same umbrella, in the Fall of 2006, Cals Pharmacy moved into the large space that houses the Department of Skateboarding. The new shop is unique in that it blends the style of a specialty boutique with the functionality of an OG skateshop.
Cals Pharmacy carries Portland’s largest selection of skateboards, as well as shoes from all types of brands. The upstairs of the shop features ever-changing art installations, books and apparel.
After you set up a new board you can walk next door and shred at the Department of Skateboarding, Portland’s only indoor skatepark.

Cal’s Pharmacy
Address: 11 NE Hancock St. Portland OR 97212
Tel: +1 503 233 1237
Cal’s 药房
地址:11 NE Hancock St. Portland OR 97212
电话:+1 503 233 1237

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