ル・ポンポンLe Pompon

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Nights in Paris are long and energetic, especially on the weekends, when excitement runs high. Although there are so many bars and clubs in Paris, the good spots are usually slightly off the beaten pathパリの夜は長く熱い。その夜も週末になると、一層熱を帯びたものになる。パリにバーやクラブの数は多くあれど、たいていは中心から少し離れたところに穴場があったりするもの。パリ北駅から近くに位置するも、あまり観光客の訪れないエリアである、シャトー・ドー駅付近。ここにとっておきの穴場がある。





Le Pompon
住所:39 rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris
TEL:+33 (0)1 5334 6085

Text and photo: Shotaro Okada
. Château d’Eau station is an area which doesn’t see too many tourists even though it is located near Gare du Nord. There is a cool spot near the station which bears interest.

After you exit the station and walk through the busy streets, through a row of stores aimed at the Afro-French populace, you’ll come upon at a quiet area and spot a lot of hip Parisians in front of “Le Pompon.” This cute name is said to have come from the pompons on beanies and the strawberry topping on a shortcake. As the name might suggest, there are many interesting layers inside the shop which one might not notice with just a short glance.

Once you greet the gatekeeper and enter, you will encounter a bar on the first floor. What was once a synagogue was renovated into this building, though you can still spot the Star of David on the floor tiles. The mood-lighting inside is conducive to an awesome night.

However, the nightlife does not stop here. People want to go dancing on the weekend, so if you walk through the bar counter and down the stairs, a dance floor will be waiting for you there. The floor is usually crowded and illuminated by a bright red light, Everyone is dancing as if the night is still young, with a charming P-shaped neon sign on the dance floor. This place also holds events that should excite fashion victims. It’s worth a visit just for the experience. (The fashion events held in the past have all featured amazingly awesome guests, just as a hint).

I took pictures of the club downstairs, but, the owner, Charaf, whom I interviewed, is a far better representation of “Le Pompon.” He was born near Château d’Eau, and naturally started this business in the neighborhood. His comical and cool vibe and the atmosphere of the place are a perfect match. Charaf offered me some photo ideas, and now I regret having rejected them. I think that it’s so cool that a person can create exciting things together with his friends in his hometown. He recounted me some anecdotes about “Le Pompon” during this interview, but I’ll save them for the next time.

Le Pompon
Address: 39 rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris
Opening Hours: 19:00-2:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +33 (0)1 5334 6085

Text and photo: Shotaro Okada
Translation: Yumico Miyagawa


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