主水書房Monde Books

© Atsunobu Katagiri, 2008. Monde Books

© Atsunobu Katagiri, 2008. Monde Books

Hosted by a young flower artist Atsunobu Katagiri, the Monde Books is a space renovated in a Japanese house to attempt distinctive projects in Sakai-shi Osaka since 2005若き華道家、片桐功敦が主宰する「主水書房(もんどしょぼう)」は、2005年より大阪、堺市にて独自の企画を試みる為のスペースとして日本家屋を改装したスペース。その場所の特性を活かした展示やライブを催すなど、アーティストと組上げる独自の企画を提案、発表の場を提供している。

月一で行なわれるサロン「花と果実舎」では「おもてなし」という言葉をテーマに日々の生活を今より少しだけ丁寧に過ごす為の工夫を提案。片桐功敦のいけばなレッスンを中心に様々なジャンルの講師を招いてのトークやワークショップ等も行われている。レッスンの後は「食」を通じて交流できるように「room cafe ロカ」の店主、木村緑が季節の御料理に腕を振るう。



. Making a good use of the feature of the place, it provides a space for exhibitions and lives to present works collaborated with various artists including photographers, calligraphers, magazine editors, cafe owners, etc.

They also offer a salon every months to suggest living your life a bit more gently, Ikebana (flower arrangement) lessons by Atsunobu Katagiri, talk showsn and workshops inviting many kinds of professionals. After the lesson, they communicate via “food”, provided by a restaurant owner of “room cafe roca”.

Even it named as “books”, Monde Books is not a book store. The creative space, however, works on launching books as one medium among other ways for presentations of collaboration works. The opening hours depends on exhibitions and events.

Monde Books
Address: 2-15 Ryosai-dori, Sakai-ku, Osaka
Tel: 072-227-7980

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