リッキー・パウエルRicky Powell

© Ricky Powell

© Ricky Powell

American photographer Ricky Powell is well known for his hip hop and New York nightlife chronicles in silver print. Born and raised in New York City, Powell has been in the right place at the right moment for over three decades. Bringing his little Minolta everywhere, Powell was ready to catch the moment anytime and make any instant everlasting, forever.リッキー・パウエルは、ヒップホップとニューヨークのナイトライフを記録したシルバープリントで有名な写真家だ。ニューヨークで生まれ育ち、いるべき場所と時間の中で30年以上を過ごしてきた。そして小さなミノルタのカメラとともにさまざまな場所に赴き、あらゆる瞬間を捉え、永遠にしてきたのだ。

パブリック・エナミー、ビースティ・ボーイズ、ランDMC、ファブ・ファイヴ・フレディー、バスキア、キース・ヘリング、シンディ・クロフォード、グレイス・ジョーンズ、マイク・タイソンといったセレブリティや著名人たち… 彼に撮られていない人なんていないんじゃないか、とさえ思えるほどに、数多くの人々が彼の(ドキュメンタリーワークである)ストリートフォトグラフィーとポートレートに登場してきた。









Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Haru Murayama
His documentary work of street photography and portraits includes from hip hop legends such as Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Fab 5 Freddy, and JL Cool, to mainstream artists and celebs such as Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Cindy Crawford, Grace Jones, Mike Tyson… the question is, who has not been captured by Powell´s Minolta?

What is the “organic” New Yorker?

The organic New Yorker? There are not too many left. They´re hard to find.

Ricky Powell´s NYC tips?

Number one: act right. First off. There’s a lot to do, it depends what are you into. I can always recommend Washington Square Park and Eva’s Restaurant on A street. Home of the Lazy Hustler falafel vegetarian burrito. You can’t go wrong.

But tell me something else Ricky, what about the Greenwich Village, where you grew up – What’s the best and worst about living there?

The best is, it’s convenient to commute anywhere. I handle my business downtown for the most part. Second is lots of the original flavor is gone, due to the gentrification, I hate to bring that up but a lot of old mom and pap’s pubs are gone, extinct. Now there’s a lot of commercial chain stores but that happens everywhere. It’s like Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, it’s like Melrose in L.A. But listen, you can find what you like when you look for it, it’s out there. You like jazz clubs, there’s the Village Vanguard.; you like good outdoor café for good people watching, good playgrounds to play basketball. It’s life, state of mind, what you make of it.

Many thanks for this, Ricky. Any final words for readers?

Relax and have a knish.

Text: Victor Moreno

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