Currently based in New York, a hair stylist KENSHIN works across the world for Editorial works for fashion magazines, runway collections as well as produces whole visual images of a hair salon “THE SALON現在ニューヨークを拠点に、ヘアスタイリストとして活躍するKENSHIN氏。ファッション誌での撮影やランウェイコレクションのヘアスタイリングなどで世界中を飛び回るなか、大阪中津にあるヘアサロン「THE SALONではイメージ面でのさまざまなビジュアル作りの制作をプロデュース。また同時にNPO法人「JAPAN HAIR DONATION & CHARITY」を設立し、幼くして髪の毛を失った子供達へのウィッグ制作のため毛髪の寄付や資金援助を求めている。






現在はニューヨークを中心に雑誌エディトリアルページ、広告、ファッションショー等のビジュアル制作のチームワークを中心に活動しており、ニューヨークでは「L’ATELIER NYC」、日本では「EIGHT PEACE」というエージェントに所属しています。

現在日本人エディター、田中了達氏の手がけるニューヨーク発「NEWWORK MAGAZINE」でのビューティエディターもされているそうですが、詳しい内容を教えていただけますか?

「NEWWORK MAGAZINE」は、ニューヨークを拠点に活動するデザインスタジオが発刊するファインアート、デザイン、ハイファッション、カルチャー、政治など多岐に渡りクリエーションを掘り下げるインディペンデントマガジンで、素晴らしいフィロソフィーをもとに構成、編集されています。
私の友人である、「STUDIO NEWWORK」の田中了達が中心となっているのですが、そのファッションエディトリアルのページのクリエーションをビューティーの観点から見つめ、現場等でディレクションの構成等を手伝っています。実際、撮影に入ってみなければ何が起こるかわからないことが頻繁にあります。最初から決められた予定調和的なモノではなく、それをいい意味で裏切るヘア、メイクアップ等の絵作りに書かせないディレクションを心がけているので、エキサイティングでスリリングな経験が多いですね。







Text: Akihiko Hamada
located in Nakatsu Osaka. At the same time he launches NPO “JAPAN HAIR DONATION & CHARITY” which raises hair donation to make kids size wigs and fund raising for children with lost hair.

Could you tell us what you did before starting freelance career?

I always wanted to be in fashion and art industry that I was inspired when I was working as a teacher at an academic school as well as belonging to a hair salon in Tokyo. I began my career as a freelancer to create visual images of runway collections advertisements, editorial pages of magazines.
But I didn’t know how to start. So I was completely absorbed brushing up my portfolio and pitch them to publications that was hard time to look back now.
After I went to the US as I was 30 years old, I was offered by a New York’s top agency “L’ATELIER” where a leading make-up artist Stephane Marais and head stylist Julien D’ys were joined.

What made you to move to New York?

I always wanted to work globally, and I was convinced it would help to develop my career certainly and the fashion stories I was always influenced by were magazine editorials in foreign countries.

What is your main work as a hair stylist?

Based mainly in New York, I work for magazine editorials, advertisements, fashion shows, as a member of a creative agency “L’ATELIER NYC” in New York, and “EIGHT PEACE” in Japan.

Could you tell us about your work as a beauty editor for “NEWWORK MAGAZINE,” which is published by a Japanese editor Ryotatsu Tanaka?

“NEW WORK MAGAZINE” is an independent magazine released by New York based design studio that explores a wide range of creations such as fine arts, design, hi-fashion, culture and politics editted with wonderful philosophy.
Ryotatsu Tanaka of “STUDIO NEWWORK” is a friend of mine. I support editorial pages from point of view of beauty to assist the direction of pages.
Actually there are many things happening which we can’t imagine before photo shoots, where we can have exciting experiences to create fantastic pages.

Is there any particular artists who were exciting, memorable or inspiring in your career?

Almost everyone who have worked with me gave me a certain influence, but I feel something special working with a great photographer Albert Watson. I always have full of respect and inspiration. Another one is a photographer Luis Sanches, friend of mine always tries to open a new door.

I would like to ask you about New York life. Of course there are huge differences about business and private life too, could you tell us New York’s splendid aspects and inconvenience and what was hardship since you arrived?

There are continuous troubles to live in foreign country. New York is cosmopolitan, so it might be easier than living in homogeneous country.
About business aspects, there are a number of foreign staffs more than half especially in photo shoots. it is marvelous to welcome sheer talents.
About daily life, New York is called “Melting pot or a big bowl of the salad” it is wonderful to experience numerous different cultures, sense of values with people from different nations.

Are there any favorite places, shops in New York?

There are plenty of amazing museums where they hold a lot of leading cultural events. Especially “MOVE” at MOMA and “WARM UP” at MOMA PS1 in summer are must-see events.

Text: Akihiko Hamada

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