ギャリソン・バクストン&レイ・クロスGarrison Buxton & Ray Cross

アドホック・アート(AHA)は、ニューヨークのアートシーンとは違う視点で作品を展示する場として使用されるアートギャラリーとクリエイティブセンター。Ad Hoc Art(AHA) is an art gallery and creative center dedicated to showing work that is often marginalized by the larger New York art scene.ストリートアート、ポップシュールレアリズム、ローブラウ、イラストレーション、タトゥー、版画製作およびアンダーグラウンドアート、前衛的な芸術、行動主義とグラフィティにフォーカスしている。アドホックは情熱的で、制作に一途で、社会から分離された「ファインアート」の境界にチャレンジするアーティストのための場となっている。


イースト ウィリアムバーグ/ブッシュウィックにある、地下鉄Lライン、モーガンアベニュー駅









月の第1 、第3日曜日に行われるグラブ。外に出て、ゴミをあさり、普通なら処分されるはずの、衛生面では完璧に安心な食べることのできる食べ物をできるだけたくさん蓄え、大規模なディナーのコミュニティを作り、そこの支払いは払える金額だけ支払えばよくて、だから無料で食べることもできるし、払いたいと思う金額を支払うこともできるのです。これは人が集まり、場所をシェアし、食べたり、飲んだり、話をしたり、コラボレートしたり、その良いもの全ての大きな見本です。


Ad Hoc Art gallery
住所:49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
時間:水〜日 13:00〜20:00(要問い合わせ)
TEL:+1 718 366 2466

Text & Movie: Marc Santo and Scott Newman for Revel In. New York
AHA focuses on the areas of street art, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration, tattoo, print-making, as well as the larger history of underground art, activism, and graffiti. It is a venue for artists who are passionate, committed to their craft, and challenging the boundaries of a “Fine Art” isolated from society at large.

Here are recommendation by Garrison Buxton & Ray Cross about the city.

Morgan Avenue L Train stop in East Williamburg/Bushwick
This is a great neighborhood to visit It’s a really amazing nexus as for musicians, visual artists and writers.

Factory Fresh
This was one of the first galleries to sort of show weird stuff and street art in new york.

English Kills
This gallery shows amazing and spectacular artwork… phenomenal installations that don’t happen anywhere else in the city.

Jonathon Levine Gallery
This gallery is about showing work that’s not necessarily socially or critically in the same realm as others… he’s definitely a person that over the years has taken a lot of risks as far as showing art that’s outside of the mainstream.

Honey Space
This space is basically an open venue for artists to come and do work and they have done some awesome and spectacular events and performances.

Alpha Beta
This space has a huge court yard where people can go in and do massive installations and paint. People can go and create large scale art pieces, and it’s just an opportunity to create greater levels of expression.

Medieval art on the upper west side, really phenomenal beautiful things.

Nonsense NYC
One of the best resources for underground events listings and everything else fun. It’s not really just straight up art shows or music shows, but it’s all the weird stuff you might otherwise miss in the city.

Staten Island Ferry
It’s free and you can get cheap beers if you like drinking cheap beers.

Happens the first and third sundays of the month. You basically go out and dumpster dive and accumulate as much food that would normally be disgarded even though it’s perfectly sanitary, safe and edible food. Then they create huge community dinners where it’s pay what you’re able to, so you could eat for free or you can give whatever amount you want to give. It’s a huge example of people coming together and sharing space, eating, drinking, telling, stories, colaboreting, colluding and all that good stuff.

Red Hook
It’s changed a lot already with all the development that’s happening there, but it’s always been a really weird and pretty ancient neighborhood. It’s a little off the beaten path, but there’s a lot to see there and it’s really beautiful.

Garrison Buxton & Ray Cross
Ad Hoc Art gallery
Address: 49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Open: Wed-Sun 13:00-20:00 and by appointment
Tel: +1 718 366 2466

Text & Movie: Marc Santo and Scott Newman for Revel In. New York
地址:49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
时间:星期三至星期日 13:00-20:00(联系要求)
电话:+1 718 366 2466

Recommended Events in new-york
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