© Image captured by <a href="" target="new">cmerlo441</a>, 2008

© Image captured by cmerlo441, 2008

ニューヨーク市内のギャラリーの多くが、近年マンハッタン郊外に移動を始めている。チェルシーギャラリーやクイーンズのP.S.1といった場所は、人や車でごった返したニューヨークの日常から逃避するのに最適な場所なだけではなく、Many of the venues in New York City have started to move away from the centers of Manhattan in recent years. Places like Chelea galleries are a great escape not only from the daily dose of people and traffic of New York City but into an unexpectedly peaceful and pleasurable state of culture.楽しく穏やかにカルチャーを体験できる場所となっている。

ブルックリン橋のふもとの内部という変わった場所にある ANCHORAGE は、質的にはゴシック調で、外観的にはインダストリアル調な、美しく巨大なスペース。1世紀以上もの間レンガで覆われていたそのスペースは、ありのままの空間的な雰囲気を作り出している。だが、その構造の壮大さのために、教会のような印象を与えている。


住所:Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
TEL:+1 212 206 6674

Text: Rei Inamoto From Interfere.
Translation: Mayumi Kaneko
The Anchorage at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge is another one of the few venues around New York City where you can experience various types of events.

Strangely located inside the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Anchorage is a beautiful and massive space that is Gothic-like in quality and industrial in appearance. More than a century old, the space is encapsulated in brick walls, creating a raw spatial experience for its visitors. Yet, because of the grandness of the structure, the Anchorage feels almost like a church, only that it feels more like an industrial kind of church.

Regardless of what’s happening at the Anchorage, you should definitely go there to escape from usual New York scenes. It is one of the few sanctuaries that we can expect to enjoy. I desperately hope that it will not be invaded by commercialism like most of New York City has been.

Address: Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: +1 212 206 6674

Text: Rei Inamoto From Interfere.
地址:Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
电话:+1 212 206 6674


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