スタジオ・トリソリオStudio Trisorio

Jan Vercruysse, 2002 © Studio Trisorio

Jan Vercruysse, 2002 © Studio Trisorio

This is one of the oldest and well knowen galleries of he city focused on contemporary art, new tendencies and photography1974年にダン・フレヴィンの展覧会で幕を開けた「スタジオ・トリソリオ」は、ナポリで最も古くから現代美術や写真にフォーカスしたギャラリーとして知られている

今までに、フィーチャーした作家は、ジャン=ミシェル・アルベローラ、ビル・ベックリー、アリギエロ・ボエッティ、ローレンス キャロル、ロベール・コンバ、ヘルベルト・ハマック、レベッカ・ホーン、レーモ・サルヴァドーリ、ケニー・シャーフ、エットーレ・スパレッティ、フェリチェ・ヴァリーニ、ヤン・ヴェルクリッセ、トム・ウェッセルマンなど。


Studio Trisorio Napoli
住所:Riviera di Chiaia 215, 80121 Napoli
営業時間:10:00〜13:00 / 16:00〜19:30
TEL:+39 081 414306

Text: Jiolahy – Chiara Boscotrecase
. Artists such as Jean-Michel Alberola, Marco Bagnoli, Bill Beckley, Alighiero Boetti, Lawrence Carroll, Robert Combas, Herbert Hamak, Rebecca Horn, Mel Ramos, Ed Ruscha, Remo Salvadori, Kenny Scharf, Ettore Spalletti, Felice Varini, Jan Vercruysse, Tom Wesselmann – to mention only a few – have worked directly with the Studio Trisorio.

The owners of the gallery are two strong and prepared woman, that always purpose something cool and new for the city. Young artists and famous one mixed in an intersting planning that always let people accour to Studio Trisorio events.

They begin in 1970s as one of the first galleries to introduce photography with artists as Bill Brandt, Mimmo Jodice, Jan Saudek, Helmut Newton, Luigi Ghirri, Gabriele Basilico, Ferdinando Scianna, Lucien Clergue and Martin Parr, while there have been large retrospective exhibitions of the works of Mario Giacomelli, Sebastião Salgado and Margaret Bourke-White.

They are also a precursor in presenting video art in the 1980s with some work of Nam June Paik, Bill Viola and Bruce Nauman.

From 1996 they also promote contemporary art through an international event called Artecinema. A Festival of documentary films on contemporary art, devided in some specific sections that goes from architecture to art, from photography to new media and so on. Artecinema is an annual appointment in Naples and is acclaimed by the general public and art critics.

Studio Trisorio Napoli
Address: Riviera di Chiaia 215, 80121 Napoli
Opening Hours: 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-19:30
Tel: +39 081 414306

Text: Jiolahy – Chiara Boscotrecase
地址:Riviera di Chiaia 215, 80121 Napoli
开放时间:10:00-13:00 / 16:00-19:30
电话:+39 081 414306


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