© Plart

© Plart

Plart came into being as a polyfunctional space dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation for the recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art and designプラスティックを使った芸術作品を専門に扱う場として生まれた「プラート」。ただ作品を展示するのが目的ではなく、時間の経過と共に劣化していくプラスティックの修復や保護、管理に関する科学的研究や技術開発が主となっている。



住所:Via Martucci 48, 80121 Napoli
TEL:+39 081 19565703

Text: Jiolahy – Chiara Boscotrecase
Translation: Megumi Tsuruoka
in plastic.

An idea that has grown over time, a long and meticulous journey which has led businesswoman and art collector Maria Pia Incutti to create the first centre of excellence in Italy where plastic, art, research and technology fuse to create a place unique of its kind: Plart.

From the collection of objects and works of art in plastic, there arose the need – also felt by museums, private collectors, and operators in the art world – to go into more detailed research on non-destructive methods for the conservation of artefacts made from polymeric material, which deteriorates with time.

Address: Via Martucci 48, 80121 Napoli
Tel: +39 081 19565703

Text: Jiolahy – Chiara Boscotrecase
地址:Via Martucci 48, 80121 Napoli
电话:+39 081 19565703

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