ギア専用劇場GEAR Theater

Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue

Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue

昭和3年(1928年)武田五一氏の設計により、大阪毎日新聞社京都支局ビルとして建築されたレトロビル「1928ビル」は、アール・デコの影響が認められ、意匠史の上からも注目に値する建築物として、京都市登録有形文化財に登録されているThe theater, Art Complex 1928, opened 1999 by renovating a historical modern building, a former newspaper company built in 1928



ギア専用劇場(ART COMPLEX 1928)
住所:京都市中京区三条御幸町東南角弁慶石町56 1928ビル3階

The building is at the center of Kyoto and a valuable piece of cultural heritage. However there was plan to demolish it. One architect decided to buy this building and asked Keito Kohara, the recent director, to utilize the space. With his experience working as lighting technician and later as stage director, the space was renovated as a new theater.

The multipurpose hall which opened on the third floor, was a long run only non-verbal performance of “GEAR” theater from April 2012. You could enjoy the performance by stimulating the senses without any words, has been carried out every day.

GEAR Theater (ART COMPLEX 1928)
Address: 1928 Build. 3F, Benkeiishi-cho, Higashi-minami-kado, Sanjo Gokomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075-254-6520

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