東福寺方丈庭園Tohuku-ji Hojo Garden

© Tohuku-ji Temple Houjou-teien

© Tohuku-ji Temple Houjou-teien

本格的な庭園としては処女作でありながら、自他ともに認める重森三玲の代表作であり、日本庭園の歴史や技巧を研究しながらも永遠のモダンを追い求めた彼の原点である。Created in 1939, the Hojo garden in Tohuku-ji Temple is Mirei Shigemori’s representative garden work in which he has pursue the everlasting modern.昭和14年(1939年)に作庭。



拝観料:400円(小・中学生 300円)

Text: Tamami Kadowaki

The Hojo, which is one of main building in the Tohuku-ji Temple founded in 1235, was reconstructed in 1890, and the gardens arranged at the four quarters around the building of Hojo were laid out in 1939 by Mr. Mirei Shigemori (a famous garden-builder), who intended to express the simplicity of Zen in the Kamakura period with the abstract construction of modern arts.

The garden consists of four gardens in 4 cardinal points: the southern garden – located in the front of Hojo is the most contrived work among the four gardens and is composed of four rock-composites symbolizing Elysian islands placed on the sand garden-floor “Hakkai” (meaning the eight rough seas) and five moss-covered sacred mountains at the right corner, the west side – the western garden, compared with rigidity of the southern garden’s Zen-style (dry stone-garden), this garden has a gentle style composed of moss and azalea-shrubs trimmed in a chequered pattern in imitation of “Seiden”, a Chinese way deviding the land, the northern garden (picture above) – with square-cutted stones and moss are distributed in a small-sized chequered pattern, which is a Mirei Shigemori’s favor, and the eastern garden, seven cylindrical stones are arranged in the moss field so as to represent main stars of the Great Bear of the heaven.

Because of Shigemori’s artistic approach to the garden creation, blending with nature and art, traditionalism and modernism, the garden work by Mirei Shigemori is reappraised and gaining people’s attention these days. Shigemori renamed his first name as Mirei, after a French artist, Jean-François Millet.

Tohuku-ji Hojo Garden
Address: 15-778 Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Open: 9:00-16:00
Tel: 075-561-0087

Text: Tamami Kadowaki
Translation: Mariko Takei


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