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© KOI Kemang

© KOI Kemang

KOI restaurants & Gallery is located on the main street in Kemang, where there are many sophisticated shops and restaurants. The look of the building is minimal black-based and sophisticated—making it a very popular spot洗練されたショップやギャラリーが多く建ち並ぶジャカルタのおしゃれエリア、クマンのメイン通りに、ひときわ人気のレストラン&ギャラリーがある。建物の外観は洗練された黒を基調としたミニマルなデザインで、大変人気のスポット。1998年にアラン・コルニルとその妻アマリア・ウィルヨノが、食とインテリア・デザインに対する情熱を胸にオープンした。

1階は味も評判の多国籍料理を揃えたカフェ&レストラン。おすすめは、鴨肉のコンフィやステーキ、インドネシア料理のアヤム・ブトゥトゥ、豆腐サラダなど。チーフシェフのべノワさんが工夫をこらして創り出す「Today’s Special」もおすすめだ。レストランの壁に飾られている絵画は、インドネシア国内外のアーティストの魅力的な作品ばかりで、3週間に1度のペースで入れ替わる。



KOI Kemang
住所:Jl. Kemang Raya No 72, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
TEL:+62 (0)21 719 5668

Text: Mio Ota
. KOI Restaurants & Gallery was established in 1998 by Alain Cornil and his wife, Amalia Wirjono. It was created with their passion for food and interior design.

The 1st floor is the restaurant that serves delicious international foods and drinks. Recommended is the Confit Canard (Duck Confit), Steak Tartar, local delicacy Ayam betutu, and Tofu salad. It’s always good to try Today’s Special as well since they change menu every so often, and you might be pleasantly surprised by new additions. Today’s Special also includes new creations by the head chef, Benoit, and it’s always fun to try something that you can’t find at other places.

The 2nd floor and 3rd floor are a gallery spaces. You can see many kinds of high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture, made with teakwood that seems like a mix of eastern and western taste. Also, there are small goods like accessories, all of which are made by local artists with great care. These products are shipped overseas too, so of course you’re able to get your favorite one, and it’s even possible to have them order made.

At this gallery, they hold some events about four times a year such as “Meet the Makers”, which is a market that gather many Indonesian artists to showcase and sell their products. Also, there are other kinds of exhibitions, like photography or painting, which you can check out on their official Facebook page or Twitter.

KOI Kemang
Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No 72, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 24:00
Tel: +62 (0)21 719 5668

Text: Mio Ota

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