ファインアート&セラミック美術館Fine Art and Ceramic Museum

© Fine Art and Ceramic Museum

© Fine Art and Ceramic Museum

The Fine Art and Ceramic Museum of Indonesia is dedicated especially to the display of native traditional fine arts and ceramics. This museum is located in the east side of Fatahillah Square in Jakartaファインアート&セラミック美術館は、インドネシアのファインアートと陶器を展示している美術館。この美術館は、ジャカルタのファタヒラ広場の西側に位置しており、近くにはジャカルタ歴史博物館とワヤン博物館も建っている




Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Balai Seni Rupa dan Keramik)
住所:Jl. Pos Kota No.2, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta
TEL:+62 (0)21 692 6090

Text: Mio Ota
, near the Jakarta History Museum and Wayang Museum.

The building was built in 1870 during wartime occupation. From then, and for a while after the independence of Indonesia, this building was used as a military office and dormitory. The building officially opened as a museum in 1976.

The museum displays the traditional fine arts of Indonesia. There is a pioneer room featuring the romanticist painter Raden Saleh (he is the first painter to have studied western fine art as an Indonesian. Also known as a nationalist, he produced many arts full of a spirit critical of the occupation. The museum also features a Japanese occupation period room and Contemporary art room. You can see how the Indonesian fine arts have been changed over time.

You can also appreciate ceramics in the same way. From the influences of Thailand to China, Japan, Vietnam and Europe, Indonesian Ceramics vary across the ages, and those beautiful colors are worth a visit.

Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Balai Seni Rupa dan Keramik)
Address: Jl. Pos Kota No.2, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta
Opeingn Hours: 9:00-15:00 (Closed on Monday and Holidays)
Tel: +62 (0)21 692 6090

Text: Mio Ota

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