Eams Chair Exhibition © Dia.Lo.Gue

Eams Chair Exhibition © Dia.Lo.Gue

dia.lo.gue consists of three spaces—a shop space, a gallery space, and a café space. This building is designed by Andra Matin, the famous Indonesian architectインドネシア人アーティストたちの小物類を販売するショップ、ギャラリースペース、そしてカフェから成るこの空間は、インドネシアの有名な建築家アンドラ・マーティンによる、こだわり抜かれた設計の建物。建物に入ると、まずショップスペースが広がる。他の店ではなかなか見ることのできない、個性豊かなインドネシア人アーティストたちが制作したアクセサリーや文具類、バッグなどの小物や、気軽に購入できる価格帯のドローイング作品などが揃っている。


カフェ空間に足を踏み入れたら、カフェのカウンターに大きく記された偉大な芸術家の名言が、まず目に飛び込んでくるだろう。「Art is a lie that makes us realize truth. by Pablo Picasso」(芸術は、私たちに真実を気づかせる「嘘」である)と。カフェは落ち着いた照明で、日射しが降り注ぐ中庭のスペース、そして奥に進むと天井の高い吹き抜けの大広間がある。大広間の奥には気持ちのいい芝生の庭が広がっている。


住所:Jl. Kemang Selatan 99A, Jakarta 12730
TEL:+62 (0)21 719 9671

Text: Mio Ota
. You can enjoy this building merely by stepping into this well-designed building. You’re able to get many small trinkets from great individual Indonesian artists, like accessories, stationary, bags and paintings.

Wander further and there is a gallery space. This space changes freely with each exhibition. The events, featuring popular and up-and-coming artists, rotate every two weeks to a month. A bazar is held once every few months, gathering artists from in and out of the country.

Passing the gallery space, the café space appears. When you walk into the café, first you can find the words of a great artist Pablo Picasso on the bar counter; “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth”. The café has relaxing lights and a courtyard with sunshine, and if you move further inside, you can find a great hall with a high ceiling. There is also a pleasant lawn garden behind the hall.

The name of this shop “dia.lo.gue” has another meaning in the Indonesian language. “dia” means “he/she” in Indonesian, “lo” means “you” in a slang that people in Jakarta use, and “gue” means “me” is a casual word used among familiar people. As the name says, it is an oasis for art lovers in Jakarta.

Address: Jl. Kemang Selatan 99A, Jakarta 12730
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 (Saturday and Sunday from 9:30)
Tel: +62 (0)21 719 9671

Text: Mio Ota

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