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「多空间」于1995年3月成立,期望透过舞蹈来开拓表演艺术的可能性、寻找新的舞蹈语言及演出路向。多年来「多空间」除致力将其艺团发展成为一个富本土文化特色的表演团体外,更积极参与国际间的文化交流活动A non-profit-making performing arts group established by Victor Choi Wo Ma and Mandy Ming Yin Yim in March 1995 in Hong Kong. The company aims to explore the various possibilitiesビクター・チョイ・ウォー・マとマンディ・ミン・イン・イムが1995年3月に香港に立ち上げた非営利の劇団、Yスペース。ダンスを通じて舞台芸術の様々な可能性を追求し、作品の中で新しい言語や方向性を試みる。彼らの作品にはほかの芸術分野が多く取り入れられ、上演の場もさまざま。




住所:3/F, Flat B, Wah Fung Ind. Ctr., Blk. 1, 33-39 Kwai Fung Cresent, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2470 0511

Translation: Shiori Saito
of the performing art through dance performances and trying out new languages and directions in their companies works. Its works incorporate other creative media and are often staged in alternative space.

Improvisations, dance theatre, site-specific performance, pure dance, and dance video all belong to their productions. In the long run, the company strives to develop its own cultural identity and actively take part in international cultural exchange activities. It also tries to cultivate a greater space for creativity and appreciation in the local community.

In 2002 Y-Space established Theatre Y in order to nurture and support creative and talent artist and to encourage artist to create new and alternative artwork in the fields of dance, theatre, performance art and performing arts.

Theatre Y is also a space for artist to gather, share, explore, express and for collaboration…! It is a flexible theatre with a maximum capacity of 60-80 seats. The theatre welcomes anyone who is interested in creating new and alternative artwork and want to share it with the public.

Address: 3/F, Flat B, Wah Fung Ind. Ctr., Blk. 1, 33-39 Kwai Fung Cresent, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2470 0511


电话:+852 2470 0511

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