キャリー・チャウCarrie Chau

© Carrie Chau

© Carrie Chau

香港で有名なイラストレーターの1人、キャリー・チャウ。彼女はその(時に不気味で)可愛いらしいアートワークによって、「幸福」と「愛」というポジティブなメッセージを発信しているCarrie Chau, one of the well-known illustrators in Hong Kong, spreads the positive message of happiness and love by creating her lovely artwork. Her name continues to grow with her imaginative characters and her new product line. Lucky for us! Her wonderful pervious exhibition “Indigo Child” was held at the end of 2008 in Hong Kong. She successfully created a dreamy wonderland with some huge 3-D sculptures in the heart of Causeway Bay.

Please tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Carrie Chau. I studied Design at The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and UK’s Kent Institute of Art & Design. My childhood dream came true as a professional painter in 2003 and I held my very first exhibition “Blind Fly” in 2004.
Besides creating my own work, I had co-operated with different brands such as Fendi, Google, Levis, Media Asia, Nike, Samsung etc in these few years. In 2007, I opened “Wun Ying Collection Gallery” in Central; it provides a platform for me to showcase the masterpieces to the public.

From your website, it says you believe your past life was an alien from another planet. Also, your previous exhibition “Indigo Child” was also related to aliens. How do you relate yourself with it?

I do think of myself as an alien. Sometimes, I don’t communicate with people very well and I had some very strange thoughts in my head.
For my previous exhibition “Indigo Child”, through this little story related to alien, I would like to remind people to live happily by loving themselves, loving others and loving our earth.

You are one of the most successful illustrators in Hong Kong, what do you think about the art scene in this city?

I think the scene is definitely better than before. I do notice people pay more attention on art and exhibition, but I think there is still room to improve.

Any places you love in Hong Kong? Any recommended cool places for our overseas readers?

I love going to Kadoorie Farm. They propagate organic vegetables and I go there at least once a week to buy organic veggies and visit their “Da Hua Bai” pigs. Such a simple life could make me feel happy and fulfilled.

Carrie Chau
Carrie Chau Wun Ying was born in Hong Kong. She credits her university life to the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and UK’s Kent Institute of Art & Design where she studied Design. She had finally realized her childhood dream of becoming a painter as her professional in 2003. Her first exhibition “Blind Fly” was hold in 2004. In 2007, her fourth exhibition “Black Sheep” was well received by the public.
She had co-operated with different brands such as Fendi, Google, Levis, Media Asia, Nike, Samsung etc in these few years. In 2007, her “Wun Ying Collection Gallery” was opened in Central “Noho” district, provides a platform for her to showcase her masterpieces to the public.
Besides painting, she is busy with her little garden. She finds her peace of mind by taking care of her garden and little animals. Now, her dream is to paint more artworks that can really touch the people, not because of the fame of the painter or the colors of the artwork itself. She wants to show the inner beauty of the world.

Wun Ying Collection Gallery
Address: G/F, 7 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2581 1110

Text: Justin Tsui










住所:G/F, 7 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2581 1110

Text: Justin Tsui
Translation: Ayano Yamada

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