There are too many people but limited space in Hong Kong. You will be squeezed in the crowd no matter where you are, or you may bump into the people in front if you walk a bit faster香港は非常に人口密度の高い街である。どこに行っても人の群れ。ちょっと速く歩こうものならたちまち前の人にぶつかってしまう。友人たちと夜を楽しむ場所にも困る。レストランでは食事が終わればすぐに追い出されてしまうし、うるさくて会話もままならないような所も多い。じゃあホームパーティなら?近所の苦情がくるからそれも危険だ。DAPモダン・ヨーロピアン・レストランなら大丈夫。DAPは神秘的な雰囲気を放つジョーダンのビルの2階にある。



住所:1/F, 102 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
時間:レストラン 11:00〜23:00 / バー 23:00〜2:00(金・土曜日3:00まで)
TEL:+852 3526 1228

Text: Cyrus Lo
Translation: Shiori Saito
. It is always a tough question to decide where to spend a night with friends because you will be kicked out of the restaurant right after the meal or it is just too noisy for you to talk to your friends. A home party? There will be a risk of neighborhood complaint. DAP Modern European Restaurant is definitely the solution for all problems above. Dap is resided on the second floor in a building in Jordan, giving Dap a mysterious kind of feeling.

There is always a corner that belongs to you and your friends in this two thousand and five hundreds square foot area and it is so relaxing to enjoy such a quiet and large space with your friends here. An exceptionally large crystal pendant is hanging down from the ceiling, this elegant crystal light comforts our emotion and stimulate our appetite. An oval shaped bar table is built on the marble tile floor corresponsively. The floor is black and the ceiling is white, making a balance in the overall effect. European furniture are used in Dap, classic dark wood walls with blue glasses, plus professional sound and great lighting effect, Dap decorated modernly yet providing you with the classic Europe atmosphere.

Despite of being a restaurant, with the versatile environment, Dap can also transform into a party house. They will fulfill your needs and with the professional recommendations of the chef in house, organizing a perfect party will become a piece of cake.

Address: 1/F, 102 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Open: 11:00-2:00 (Friday and Saturday till 3:00)
Tel: +852 3526 1228

Text: Cyrus Lo

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