ウン・イン・コレクション・ギャラリーWun Ying Collection

© Wun Ying Collection

© Wun Ying Collection

As a successful Hong Kong artist, Carrie Chau manages to squeeze out some time from her busy drawing schedule for her own little shop – Wun Ying Collection著名な香港のアーティスト、キャリー・チャウは、ウン・イン・コレクションという自分の小さなショップのため、絵を描く仕事から時間を捻出している。このショップは2007年にセントラルの歌賦街で開店し、それから周囲のクリエイティブな空気を引き寄せている。ウン・イン・コレクションとは、ギャラリーとショップが合体したものであり、キャリーにとっては自身の傑作と広範な日用品を並べるための場なのである。




Wun Ying Collection Gallery
住所:G/F, 7 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2581 1110

Text: Justin Tsui
Translation: Yuhei Kikuchi
. The shop was opened in 2007 at Gough Street in Central, where gathers some local creative force around the area recently. Wun Ying Collection is a combo of a gallery and a shop that provides a platform for Carrie to showcase her fantastic masterpieces and her wide-ranged lifestyle products.

When you step into Wun Ying Collection, you step into a wonderland of Carrie Chau’s creative fantasies. It welcomes you with her lovely 3-D sculptures as window display and as you walk towards the mini gallery. These adorable sculptures are just like the little “guardian angels” in the shop. The mini gallery towards the end of the shop is a place for Carrie to showcase her favorite original pieces. From here, visitors will have a chance to have a closer look of her dreamy paintings, which tell fully of her work.

Besides the artworks, the shop is full of different “Wun Ying Collection” products, such as posters, cushions, postcards, t-shirts, matchboxes, bags, umbrellas and many more. Her wide-ranged product line with her artwork on is a fun touch up in life, also for the house. It shows that Carrie doesn’t want her art just to be shown, but instead, people can actually own her artworks by purchasing those products.

If you have missed Carrie Chau’s last fantastic exhibition in Times Square at Causeway Bay, go take a look of this cozy little shop of hers and have fun shopping for her one-of-a-kind treasures!

Wun Ying Collection Gallery
Address: G/F, 7 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00 (Closes on Sunday and Public holiday)
Tel: +852 2581 1110

Text: Justin Tsui

Wun Ying 标本馆
电话:+852 2581 1110

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