ハンブルグに次々と新しいギャラリーが出現している。最新のアート発信地の1つは、2005年12月にオープンした「OEL-FRUEH」だ。このギャラリーは、どちらかといえば小さめの三階建てで、典型的な60年代建築。More and more young galleries are popping up in Hamburg. One of the latest to start showing emerging art is the Gallery Oel-Frueh, which opened December 2005. It is a rather small three-storey intercept of a typical 60ies building.日に140000台もの車が都心に行き来する、リバー・ブリッジに直接建てられた。いわゆる誰もが気に留めることなく何億万回も通っているような場所だ。しかし、近年さまざまなアーティストやアート関係者が、周辺に手ごろな価格で広いスペースを求めて移り住むようになった。この発展を象徴し、作品を発表したり、またはただ単に人に会ったり(それ以外この辺ではすることがない)そんな人たちに場所を提供をしようとフランク・ブレイカー(インテリア・デザイナー)とクリストファー・ミューラー(アート仲介人)が行動を起こした。


住所:Brandhofer Deich 45, 20539 Hamburg
時間:水・木 19:00〜22:00/日曜 16:00〜20:00
TEL:+49 40 78072139

Text and Photos: Jorg Heikhaus from Heliumcowboy
Photos: Christopher Mueller
Translation: Yuki Furusho
Located directly at the river-bridges, which bring 140.000 cars to and from the city each day, it is one of those spots which you pass a zillion times without noticing. However, in the last years diverse artists and art-related people moved near there to find roomy spaces for decent money. To represent this development and deliver a place for those people to present works or just meet (since there is nothing else around), Frank Breker (interior designer) and Christopher Muller (art intermediary) took action.

Due to the constellation and the personal backgrounds of the location and its originators, the program is to be taken as a wide approach.
It will definitely neither try to place Oel-Frueh anywhere near shiny art-market-related institutions, nor be self-related in the sense of its surrounding. The idea is to present all-different, international and relevant artist who have more than one approach on the agenda. A clear reflection of the local surrounding and the special conditions is not a must but a preference. In between or as a kick-off of the exhibitions live-genres as music, lecture or film are presented as well.

Address: Brandhofer Deich 45, 20539 Hamburg
Open: Wed&Thu 19:00-22:00 / Sun 16:00-20:00
Tel: +49 40 78072139

Text and Photos: Jorg Heikhaus from Heliumcowboy
Photos: Christopher Mueller
地址:Brandhofer Deich 45, 20539 Hamburg
时间:星期三・星期四 19:00-22:00/星期日16:00-20:00
电话:+49 40 78072139

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