クリスチャン・ヴォーティエ ル・コンセプトChristian Vautier Le Concept

© Christian Vautier Le Concept

© Christian Vautier Le Concept

パリの老舗菓子店「ボワシエ」で顧問を務めたショコラティエ、クリスチャン・ヴォーティエ氏のコンセプトショップとして日本初出店した、博多リバレイン内にある「クリスチャン・ヴォーティエ ル・コンセプト」Chocolatier Christian Vautier who was a former consultant of a long-established sweets shop Boissier where is based in Paris, has opened Christian Vautier Le Concept that is his first Japanese branch in Hakata Riverain, Fukuoka。ヴォーティエ氏は、フランス屈指のパティシエとして、またショコラティエとして人気を誇っている。

特徴的なのはチョコレート。その個性的な名前にも思わず引き寄せられる。塩味がチョコレートを引き締めるユニークな味わいが人気の「プラリネ塩の花」(315円) や、ハチミツの甘さと香りが引き立つ「ガナッシュ栗の木のハチミツ」(284円) のほか、どれを選ぼうか迷ってしまいそうな、様々なスパイスを効かせた個性的なチョコレートが店内に並んでいる。

他には、フルーツのフレッシュな味覚が生きたフルーツゼリー(写真)や、色とりどりのマカロン (231円)、最近のキャラメルブームもあり、トフィー (189円) も人気となっている。


クリスチャン・ヴォーティエ ル・コンセプト サロン・ド・井筒屋U店
住所:福岡市博多区下川端町3-1 博多リバレイン イニミニマニモ地下2階

Text: Yuki Mine

Mr.Vautier is not only popular as a chocolatier, but also he is popular as a leading patissier in France. He shows us completely new tastes without losing good sides of traditional recipes as well as he just uses high quality ingredients to maximize natural taste for his sweets.

Varieties of chocolates are particularly characteristic. Those uniquely named chocolates such as “Flower of salted praline” (315 yen) whose flavor of salt matches chocolate well, “Honey of chestnut tree in ganache” (284 yen) peps up sweetness and flavor of honey are always attracting people. Those various fragrant chocolates are fascinatingly placed in the shop.

Others such as fruit jelly (photo), colorful macarons (231 yen) and toffee (189 yen) followed by current caramel boom are popular menu as well.
Main customers come as families, however there are also a lot of customers who have preference of luxry as tendency of whole Hakata Riverain during weekdays.

There is an eat-in café space (6 seats) adjacent to the sales area. Atmosphere in the café is bright that pink is featured in white of futuristic mood.

The café is currently only available in the Fukuoka branch despite there is another shop at Ginza Matsuzakaya in Japan. We can probably spend lovely time tasting chocolates made with Mr.Vautier’s passion at the café.

Christian Vautier Le Concept
Address: B2F Hakata Riverain, 3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00
Tel: 092-262-3102

Text: Yuki Mine
Translation: Akihiko Hamada
Christian Vautier Le Concept
地址:福岡市博多区下川端町3-1 博多リバレイン イニミニマニモ地下2階

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