福岡アジア美術館Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

福岡市は、古代からアジア文化の受容窓口であったという地理的、歴史的な特質をふまえて、長年にわたり、アジアの交流拠点都市としての役割を歴史的に果たしてきた。福岡アジア美術館は、その福岡市のアジアとの交流Due to its geographical and historical characteristics, Fukuoka City has served as a gateway to continental Asian culture since ancient times. Today it has assumed a new role, that of a key interactive city for Asiaへの先進的な取り組みのひとつとして1999年に誕生。以来、アジアの近現代の美術作品を系統的に収集し展示する世界に唯一の美術館として、日本をはじめ、アジア、世界からの注目を集めている。

住所:福岡市博多区下川端町3-1 リバレインセンタービル7・8階
アジアギャラリー観覧料:一般 200円 / 高大生 150円(※特別展観覧料は別途)
. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum opened in 1999, as a part of the city’s progressive strategy for interaction with different Asian cultures. Ever since its opening, it has attracted strong interest not only in Japan but other Asian and worldwide countries by presenting the following activities.

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is the only museum in the world that systematically collects and exhibits Asian modern and contemporary art. The works in the collection of the museum are not imitation of Western art or repetitions of traditional works. Instead they seek to overcome the existing framework of art, being made by artists living in ‘contemporary’ Asia. These artists attempt who acutely express their message in and about this changing world of Asia. FAAM’s exhibitions of Asian modern and contemporary art are rich in depth and quality, and wide in scope. They present the originality and charm of Asian art in a way that cannot be experienced in any other museum in the world.

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has been functioning as a place for people to become familiar with Asian arts and culture through the artistic creations and researches of the invitees of the Residence Programme. It is an interactive museum – the place of meeting, understanding each other and creating together.

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum locates in the centre of the city where the energy of Fukuoka and Hakata intermingle. The residents of the city can easily access to today’s Asia through the museum. At the same time, the Asian artists can approach to the people in the city, taking advantage of the musesum’s location in the city centre and the originalty of their artworks.

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Address: 7 & 8th Floor, Riverain Center Bld., 3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 10:00-20:00
Closed on Wednesday, 26 Dec – 1 Jan
Tel: 092-263-1100
地址:福岡市博多区下川端町3-1 リバレインセンタービル7・8階
亚洲画廊:成人 200円 / 高大生 150円

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