Cocoon in the VipLounge with guests standing in front of it, Photographer: Emanuel Raab

Cocoon in the VipLounge with guests standing in front of it, Photographer: Emanuel Raab

ドイツ最大で最高のクラブといわれるフランクフルトのコクーンクラブ。伝説的なテクノミュージックの重鎮、スヴェン・バスによって設立されたThe CocoonClub was conceived as an avant-garde field of experimentation where space and perception could be transformed. The simultaneous stimulation of different senses,。内部の空間は、全体で1つの巨大な「繭」をイメージし、細胞膜をイメージした壁に開いた穴を通って行来する。「膜壁」と名づけられた特徴的な要素を持った構造がこのクラブの魅力の一つだ。

住所:U.F.O. Building, Carl-Benz-Strasse 21, D-60386 Frankfurt
TEL:+49 69 50 69 69 48

Translation: Yuki Mine
an increasing sensibility for the synaesthesia of the multimedia setting and total immersion into constantly changing environments are just a few of the unforgettable experiences that the CocoonClub has in store for its guests. What makes the concept for this forward-looking club and its two restaurants so special is its constantly changing semi-virtual atmosphere.

The synergy resulting from deliberately blending different elements of club culture temporarily enhances dance space that can actually be experienced. Visitors of the CocoonClub will thus be able to depart from what they perceive as reality for the duration of a night. Synchronized sound, light and image effects will produce synaesthetic stimulations that make a lasting impression on guests on an emotional level. The CocoonClub is a three-dimensional interface; the entire space is like an instrument, which can be played in acoustic and visual terms by DJ and RoomJockey (VJ).
The holistic interior architecture and medial design increase awareness of the surroundings and entice guests to actively participate in creating the moment. Therefore it are the dancers themselves who generate an energy-charged environment that it is impossible to re-create elsewhere, and which will make the CocoonClub the hot spot of international nightlife.

In designing the ‘genetic architecture’ of CocoonClub, 3deluxe was inspired by biological models which are reflected in the division of space and the shape of the interior.
The perforated walls of the triangular main section are reminiscent of a permeable cell membrane, whose openings permit the flow of guests between the surrounding walk-about area, the ‘InBetween’, and the dance area. Thanks to several layers of white flowstone modules and the resulting deep texture of the outer surface, the so-called ‘membrane wall’ is one of the club’s most significant architectural elements. A moving 360° projection, which can be synchronized in time to suit the DJ’s set, is projected onto the side facing the dance area. The fact that this digital layer fits exactly over the membrane wall creates an impression of liveliness – its material nature appears to be dissolving.

Located at various heights, thirteen capsule-shaped, glazed micro-rooms penetrate the membrane wall, enabling eye contact between the quieter outer area and the buzzing interior. They are modern loges, providing privacy for “cocooning” in the midst of a semi-public environment.
Three of these Cocoons are luxuriously appointed and can be reserved for exclusive use for an entire evening or just a few hours. A further two are allocated to the VipLounge. By means of direct eye contact with the dance floor and the DJ cockpit, occupants of the VipCocoons are actively involved in the action whilst being able to enjoy the privacy and quiet atmosphere of this extraordinary booth. The other Cocoons are comfortable seating niches open to all guests and can be accessed from both sides of the membrane wall.

The 570 sq m dance floor is divided up by a landscape of dark wood platforms. The illuminated edges of the curved platforms form an ornamental pattern on the three-dimensional floor. The platforms are at five different levels and include a stage, two columns for dance performances, a VipLounge and three bars.
The most striking element in the CocoonClub is undoubtedly the imposing white DJ pulpit, whose organic form seems to have grown together with the membrane wall. From their raised position, DJ and RoomJockey conduct the multi-media staging, thus controlling the momentary mood on the dance floor. The media technology, operated using specially customized software, provides limitless opportunities for manipulating the atmosphere in the club.

Address: U.F.O. Building, Carl-Benz-Strasse 21, D-60386 Frankfurt
Open: 21:00-6:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +49 69 50 69 69 48
地址:U.F.O. Building, Carl-Benz-Strasse 21, D-60386 Frankfurt
电话:+49 69 50 69 69 48

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