© Goetheanum, Photo: Charlotte Fischer

© Goetheanum, Photo: Charlotte Fischer

Rudolf Steiner was a talented Austrian philosopher. He influenced in many fields, such as art, medicine, agriculture, architecture and education. He founded Anthroposophy, which postulates the existence of an objective being intellectually comprehensible spiritual world. Goetheanum – located in Dornach, near Basel – was designed by Steiner himself by making a Plastiline model, and it is the world centre for Anthroposophy.ドイツ神秘思想家ルドルフ・シュタイナーは多才であった。芸術、医学、農業、建築、教育など様々な分野に影響をもたらし、彼が創り唱えていたアントロポゾフィー(人智学)の聖地として設けられたゲーテアヌムは独特の存在感を放っている。ドルナッハというバーゼル近郊の丘の一画にシュタイナー本人が粘土模型で設計し、現場も監修した施設は現在もアントロポゾフィー協会の本部として活動している。




住所:Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland
TEL:+41 (0)61 706 4242

Text: Toru Wada
Goetheanum is available for everyone, for free – it has lecture halls, a library, a book store, a gallery – hence it holds various events and conferences throughout the year. Here, you will be able to feel Anthroposophy, the spiritual world of which Steiner advocated.

This vast estate also has a cafe and a restaurant which offers organic and biodynamic dishes – which Steiner established – and there is also a guesthouse. Not only the Goetheanum interior, but also outside it is surrounded by residential houses that were also designed by Steiner himself, characterised by the similar shapes – supple and clay-like. Just walking down Dornach Villa will make your heart leap with excitement.

Students or retired people who live in the neighbourhood – who are not involved in Anthroposophy – are often found in Goetheanum, studying in the library or just taking a walk. It proves that Goetheanum and the local community is coexisting in peace. Although it is a bit far from Basel city, it is well worth the visit to see the roots of Anthroposophy.

Address: Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 22:00
Tel: +41 (0)61 706 4242

Text: Toru Wada
Translation: Chinami Oda

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