アート、建築、写真、デザインなどに関連する書籍の出版を行う「アクター」。物的生産、そしてそれらを囲む情報は静的なものではない。例えば、It has often been claimed that the professional profiles we know today will have little bearing on the professions of the future. It is unlikely that material productions, like those of art or architecture, will either. In the publishing world, it is Photoshop and the electronic treatment of information that are increasingly responsible for distorting the four walls within which we still seem to locate the different material disciplines.

ACTAR is a publishing house for art, architecture, photography and design, but its contents are about architecturephotographyartdesign . There is a slight difference: material productions are not static; neither is the information surrounding them. In art there is architecture, in architecture there is photography, in photography there is design… There is something that extends over us and leads us to reconsider the whole world of visual production, be it formal or cultural: the generalised management of information dissolves any static relation among artistic productions, at the same time dissolving any relationship between producers and receivers. Advertising, videos, written or filmed narratives, photographs, audio or video recordings, artistic messages and an infinity of possible registers are all quantifiable in the form of bits of information that today anyone is capable of processing from their very own home. ACTAR is, therefore, a printed means of dissemination that makes up part of this informational and postindustrial context.

Surrounding the specialised publications of art, architecture or design, there is still a considerable gap between those who make and those who describe: between the producers of works – be they artistic, architectural, photographic, graphical or industrial design – and the critics of those same works. Publications are thus usually mere descriptions external to the action or the message of the artist, architect, photographer or designer. The reader is kept totally at the margin of this interplay of influences. ACTAR seeks to reconsider the basis of this game. Modernity is over. And along with it, to a certain extent, so is a certain way of understanding artistic production. In ACTAR there are no static means of production; neither is there such a clear difference between those who produce, those who disseminate and those who receive. They all form part of a fascinating process in which ACTAR acts as a catalyzing medium.

The difference that ACTAR promotes as a publisher is that the printed product – the book-object as such – is another artistic message. It is a visual and narrative project in book format that contains, in its interior, the same information – in bit format – as the real work. ACTAR directly provokes the implication of the author. An ACTAR book is another project by that author: not a book that shows an author’s work from outside his experience, but one that endeavors to be part of it.

– Jaime Salazar.

Address: Roca i Batlle 2, 08023 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 418 77 59



住所:Roca i Batlle 2, 08023 Barcelona
TEL:+34 93 418 77 59

Translation: Tatsuhiko Akutsu
地址:Roca i Batlle 2, 08023 Barcelona
电话:+34 93 418 77 59

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