ボルネオ・スポールンブルグ橋Bridges Borneo-Sporenburg

© West 8 - Uurban design & landscape architecture.

© West 8 - Uurban design & landscape architecture.

ウエスト8」によって建てられたスポールンブルグとボルネオ島を結ぶ橋「ボルネオ・スポールンブルグ橋」は、この港街の独特な雰囲気をかもしだしているThe three bridges of Borneo/Sporenburg by West 8 play an essential role at the creation of the unique atmosphere in the harbour-residential area.要となっており、入り江から住宅地域を結んで架かっている。

Bridges Borneo-Sporenburg
住所:Stuurmankade-Panamakade, Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam
Two of the bridges, one on the West side and the other on the East side, span the 93-meter wide water of the Railroad basin and connect the islands of Borneo and Sporenburg. The third bridge is situated in the line of the East bridge and spans the 25-meter wide inland port.

Bridges Borneo-Sporenburg
Place: Stuurmankade-Panamakade, Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam
婆罗洲- Sporenburg桥
地址:Stuurmankade-Panamakade, Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam


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