ザイデルゼー・ミュージアムZuiderzee Museum

Salon, Zuiderzee Museum

Salon, Zuiderzee Museum

「ザイデルゼー・ミュージアム」は1948年に設立され、1960年代後半から美術館開発に着手し、1983年に完成。1932年のアイセル湖ダム完成により、ザイデル湾が消滅してしまったことから、1880年からThe Zuiderzee Museum was founded in 1948. The decision was made to develop an open air Museum at the end of the nineteen sixties. The Museum Park was completed in 1983, after years of preparation1930年までのここザイデルゼーでの暮らしを保存し公開し、ミュージアムではその文化や歴史を展示している。
現在、ミュージアムは開設60周年を記念し、常設展に加え「Hollandse Nieuwe」(新しいオランダ) と題した新しいセクションをスタートし、国際的な現代アートのコレクションにも焦点を当てはじめている。
2009年3月からは、「Gone with the Wind」と題してオランダの現代ファッションにフォーカスし、様々な展示が行われる。予定作家は、ヴィクター&ロルフ、スタジオ・ヨブ、ユルゲン・ベイ、ヘラ・ヨンゲリウス、アレクサンダー・ファン・スロなど。

Zuiderzee Museum
住所:Wierdijk 12-22, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
料金:13,00 EUR/4〜12歳 7,80 EUR
TEL:+31 228 35 11 11
. This provides an image of how people used to live and work around the Zuiderzee between 1880 and 1930, the period which preceded the completion of the IJsselmeer Dam in 1932.

Formerly, the Zuiderzee Museum focused on the period until 1932, when the Afsluitdijk, the IJsselmeer Dam, was completed and the Zuiderzee as such ceased to exist. For some years now, the Museum has been broadening its horizons. Today the Museum presents art, culture and heritage at the interface of land and water. The Museum is still very much in the centre of society in the twenty first century. It expressly enters into debates with its visitors and aims to offer a dynamic art and culture experience.

After a tradition of sixty years as a cultural-historical Museum, the time has now come for a different profile. From now on, the Museum has decided to display the new acquisitions in special rooms, under the name Hollandse Nieuwe (New Dutch).

The landscape garden will be accessible to the public the whole year round. Various objects by present-day designers and artists will be laid out in the garden in ongoing changing exhibitions. In the area of natural beauty, the Van Lieshout Pavilion opened its doors on 5 June 2008. This is a summer pavilion designed for the Zuiderzee Museum by Atelier van Lieshout.
Every two years, a different architect will formulate a new design for a new pavilion. The next design will be created by Johan van Lierop.

The exhibition Gone with the Wind in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen (22 March – 22 November 2009) shows work by dozens of high-profile Dutch designers of fashion, jewellery and accessories, stylists, photographers and illustrators. Together they give an inspiring picture of the wealth of ideas latent in the Dutch world of fashion and how it relates to the Dutch dress tradition. The renowned fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum act as guest curators. Also The exhibition will feature Viktor & Rolf, Spijkers en Spijkers, Klavers van Engelen, Mark Lentelink, Piet Paris and Peter Jeroense, and more.

Zuiderzee Museum
Address: Wierdijk 12-22, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Open: 10:00-17:00
Entrance Fee: Adult 13,00 EUR / 4 -12 years old 7,80 EUR
Tel: +31 228 35 11 11
地址:Wierdijk 12-22, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
承认:13,00 EUR/4〜12歳 7,80 EUR
电话:+31 228 35 11 11

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