ソフィー・バン・ダー・ペレSophie Van der Perre

© Sophie Van der Perre

© Sophie Van der Perre

Sophie Van der Perre is a particular photographer, born and raised in Belgium, but currently living in Amsterdam. She loves to do analogue photographs of her girlfriendsベルギーで生まれ育ち、現在アムステルダムに在住している注目の写真家ソフィー・バン・ダー・ペレ。田舎で友達を撮影するアナログな撮影、ファッション広告の撮影、サンドイッチやダンスに行くのが好きな彼女が、最近のアムステルダムの最も良い過ごし方の秘訣を教えてくれた。










– Singel 404 (Singel 404 , Amsterdam)
Small World
– Kaiko(美味しいお寿司)(Jekerstraat 14 , Amsterdam)


Club Trouw
Chicago Social Club(木曜夜はとても良い音楽と流行に敏感な人達が集まる)

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Meiko Maruyama
in the country side or for fashion campaigns, eat sandwiches and go dancing. She gave us a few tips about what’s best to do in Amsterdam these days.

Please introduce yourself and your activity.

My name is Sophie van der Perre, born in 1987. I live in Amsterdam. I’m a photographer. I move here in 2006, came from a really small village in Belgium.

How do you feel about being a photographer in the Netherlands. How is the world of photography here?

We have a lot happening at the moment. Like Pup Concepts and Mothers of Art, is great because they get you involved in exhibitions and art fairs. You have a lot of young and new projects. Anywise, for work is harder, the last year I had a lot of exhibitions and sell many pictures, but now I realized that you need to have a name first. And work a lot before you can live like that. So now I’m trying to do commercial work, to make a living with it.

Could you tell us about your city? What do you think about it?

Amsterdam is a really small city and you have to know where to go, because if you come as a tourist, as it happened to me when I first come, you need to know a lot of stuff : restaurants close early, you need to know in what place you want to have a drink, stay out of the center – because if you go there you get crazy for the tourist, or at least, that’s my feeling. The neighborhoods I like are De Pijp and West. What I love about Amsterdam is that is so small that you can bike everywhere.
I lived in NY and Australia, and I also go to London a lot, but I always like when I come home again, everything is so close. The city has an amazing atmosphere, the parks in summer, and the boats, when the weather is nice – that doesn’t happen a lot – we take the boat and is amazing. And going out here is really nice too.

In which work environment do you work on your creation?

I have a room in my home, where i work with my computer and hang out my photos. I don’t do much work at studio I do my shootings outside mostly.

Please tell us about your favourite places in Amsterdam.

For good food (Best Sandwiches ever)
– Singel 404 (Singel 404, Amsterdam)
Small World
– Kaiko (Best Sushi) (Jekerstraat 14, Amsterdam)

To Have a drink:
Bloemenbar (unusual closing time for a bar in Amsterdam, about 4 am)

 Best Club:
Club Trouw
Chicago Social Club (on Thursday night, very nice music and hipster people)

Text: Celeste Najt

Recommended Events in amsterdam
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