シモン・デ・ヨングSiemon de Jong

© Siemon de Jong

© Siemon de Jong

シモン・デ・ヨングとノアム・オファーによって1990年に設立されたデ・パイプ地区にある有名なベーカリーショップ「タルト・ファン・マイン・タントSiemon de Jong and Noam Offer started “De Taart van m’n Tante” (My Auntie’s Cake) at neighbourhood ‘De Pijp’ as a food-service bakery since 1990 (わたしの叔母さんのケーキの意)」。オープン以来彼らはユニークで特別なケーキを制作するパティシェとして知られている。







De Taart van m’n Tante
住所:Ferdinand Bolstraat 10, 1072 LJ Amsterdam
TEL:+31 (0)20 776 4600

Cake Under My Pillow
住所:Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 66, 1072 BH Amsterdam
宿泊料:110〜160 EUR
TEL:+31 (0)20 751 0936
. They have grown over the years to become creators of special, unusual and unique cakes. From edible clothing to opening, wedding, birth, premieres, launch cakes.

Please tell us yourself and your recent activity.

My name is Siemon de Jong. Together with my companion Noam Offer we run “De Taart van m’n tante
A pastryshop with a confection cake line and custom made cakes.
And they can be the most romantic or lunatic designs.
We have a cute cake shop were you can drink coffee/tea with a wide variety of cakes.
And see lots of creative stuff we make.
There is as well a B&B above our shop. Called Cake Under My Pillow.
Beside that I present a TV show called Taarten van Abel (VPRO/Villa Achterwerk)
And I am Abel. While making a cake with a kid. We talk about life and its (dis)adventures.

Please tell us about your city, and how about living in your city for yourself / activity.

Wanted to live in Amsterdam, when I was 3 years already.
The fact that we have about 174 different nationalities living here.
In our company we have all ready about 18 different nationalities.
I love the fact you can go every where on a bike.
The medieval centre the 17th century canal rings.
The fact that we can still smoke a joint in a coffee shop.
The lovely red-light district with the lady’s and men of pleasure.
Chilling our in the many pars. Or cool down on the riverside.
If you take a bike. In about 20 minutes you are in the country side.
Between the cows and sheep’s.

Please tell us a favourite places in the city you live and work in.

De Pijp is my area. (Were our cake shop is located)
I eat twice a week at Zen (Frans Halsstraat 38parterre). A small lovely place were Sashimi is cooking like a real Japanese mother.
Ora a Turkish restaurant in the van Woustraat (Van Woustraat 123). Simpel yet delicious and payable food.
I am gay and like to go to Gay bars. Like Cuckoo’s nest. Argos Bar and Occii.
The whole Pijp area is booming. Lots of cute shops and restaurants!

De Taart van m’n Tante
Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 10, 1072 LJ Amsterdam
Open: 10:00 – 18:00
Tel: +31 (0)20 776 4600

Cake Under My Pillow
Address: Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 66, 1072 BH Amsterdam
Room rates: € 110 – 160
Tel: +31 (0)20 751 0936
地址:Ferdinand Bolstraat 10, 1072 LJ Amsterdam
电话:+31 (0)20 776 4600

地址:Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 66, 1072 BH Amsterdam
收费:110-160 EUR
TEL:+31 (0)20 751 0936

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