フレデリック・ダウバルFrederique Daubal

© Frederique Daubal

© Frederique Daubal

An Amsterdam based French designer Frederique Daubal. Not only designing graphics and textiles, but also She is a talented fashion designer as well as graphic and textile designerアムステルダム在住のフランス人デザイナー、フレデリック・ダウバル。グラフィックやテキスタイルのデザインだけではなく、ファッションデザイナーとして、ワイデン&ケネディー、ナイキ、ポール・スミスなどをクライアントに持っている。






チューリップがたくさん咲いているから!あと、リコリス (天草風味のキャンディー)が大好きなのもありますね。5年前までは、グラフィックデザインしかやっていなかったのですが、その頃、オランダのデザインカルチャー、そしてその性質に魅了されちゃったんですよね。その姿勢というか、特にタイポグラフィーのそれには衝撃を受けました。みんな人なつっこいし、クリエイティブについての気持ちも良い。これはパリとは明らかに違う点です。






私とは違うフィールドで活動している人たちとのコラボレーションが予定されています。彼らなり、私なりの 「WEAR&PLAY」作品を作ります。あとは、自転車を修理したり。他の国に引っ越すのにも実は興味があります…。

Frederique Daubal

Text: Sachiko Kurashina
. She has a wide range of clients; Wieden+Kennedy to Nike, Paul Smith and more.

Please introduce yourself.

I’m a French girl, 1523 beauty spots. Studied literature and art in different schools then graphic design in France and in Montreal. Since then I’ve been working mostly as a freelance graphic or textile designer. From exactly two and half years I work on my own “pieces”.

Please tell us about your own brand “pieces”. What sort of activities are you doing in “pieces”?

I’m making “pieces”… a quite abstract word I like to use because my production is not stuck on one specific product and this medium can change regarding what I want to express.
My work merged different activities, I try to evolve to become more pertinent. Yes, everyday and I like it.

Why did you choose Amsterdam to carry on your activities?

For the tulips! And my addiction to droopjes (liquorices). 5 years ago I was only into graphic design and was attracted by the Netherlands where you find a culture of design, almost an habit I can say, an attitude, especially in typography. A good feeling in creativity with quite easy going persons; totally different than in Paris.

Are there any events or artists that worth keeping our eyes on, in Amsterdam and The Netherlands?

The group Droog Design, Hella Jongerius, Re-Magazine, Film Festival Rotterdam. There is also really good photographers here, and an amount of art/design/fashion schools spread in all the country.

If I went to Amsterdam, where would you recommend visiting?

Take a bike. Some photo/art gallery like Huis Marseille, De Apple, FoamFrozen Fountain (shop)…
If you arrive on 30th April It’s Queen’s Day, you might not believe it, that day all the country, wearing orange, is in the street for a big party, and a huge flee market. For a non local it’s quite something.

What sort of projects will you take forward in the near future?

New collaborations in different fields, “wear&play” pieces on their way, fixing my bike, and certainly my curiosity by moving to another country…

Frederique Daubal

Text: Sachiko Kurashina

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