Denham © Philip Jintes

Denham © Philip Jintes

THE TRUTH IS IN THE DETAILS. Denham is a Dutch jeans label built on experimentation and resourceful innovation. Representing the founder Jason Denham’s most fully realised personal vision but本物の素晴らしさはディテールの中に。デンハムは試行錯誤と素材の革新によって生み出されたオランダのジーンズレーベル。設立者であるジェイソン・デンハム個人のヴィジョンを形にしながら、決して妥協はしないという彼の控えめで誠実な決意を実行している。彼はチームと共に、ジーンズとデニム以外の洋服に対する彼ら独自のアプローチを大切にしている。「ユーティリティ・テイラーロング」という、彼らのデニムと作業着にインスパイアされたデザイン哲学をもとに、メンズ、ウィメンズ共により完璧な品揃えの最高のカジュアルスタイルを提案している。ジーンズは全て日本とイタリアで、酒造メーカーでもあるヒロと呼ばれるジーンズ・メーカーによって作られている。




Denham The Jeanmaker
住所:Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam
営業時間:10:00〜18:00(日・月曜日12:00〜, 木曜日20:00まで)
TEL:+31 (0)20 331 5039

Translation: Ayano Yamada
demonstrating his modest and sincere resolve to resist compromise. He and his team’s focus is on jeans and on their own somewhat idiosyncratic approach to non-denim garment development. They applies a denim and workwear-inspired design ethic that might be described as UTILITY TAILORING to a more complete range of premium casual style for both men and women. All the jeans are produced in Japan and Italy by a great jean maker called ‘Hiro’ who is also a sake maker.

Jason Denham’s new brand Denham unveils it’s first own-retail presentation at Prinsengracht 495. The shop experience unfolds through a sequence of ‘zones’ with denim itself forming the central heart of the concept. Developed by Jason and his creative team the shop manifests the spirit of the Denham label and brings to life the brand’s various inspirations and obsessions.

The shop entrance forms a gallery in which four primary stories of the brand are told in large glass shadow-box displays. Zone 2 is wood paved with a micro-block natural wood with a warm golden oil sheen. The speaker shower in the ceiling has a sound of water, Japanese weaving mills and scissor cuts. Zone 3 sees a pure white minimalist atmosphere. Along the white walls several Japanese denim styles are hung, complimented with Japan Textile tops collection. The fourth shopping zone features the complimenting jackets, tops and knitwear that complete the Denham collection. Each style is displayed on custom forged and welded “scissor brackets” lined up along the entire length of both main walls. The last shopping zone features each denim model creating a clear visual menu of the DENHAM jean collections for men and women and asserting the Denham design attitude through shape, surface and detailing.

The headquarters and design studio is located at Prinsengracht 493. Together the HQ, shop, studio and showrooms create a singular expression of the overall Denham brand and unity between design, product and customer.

Denham The Jeanmaker
Address: Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Monday and Sunday from 12:00, Thursday till 20:00)
Tel: +31 (0)20 331 5039
Denham The Jeanmaker
地址:Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam
开放时间:10:00-18:00(星期日・星期一从12:00・ 星期四至20:00)
电话:+31 (0)20 331 5039

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