Vyne © Concrete

Vyne © Concrete

「ヴァイン」のアイディアは、従来のワインバーに替わり、ワインのバリエーションと味を楽しみ、フードとの新しい組み合わせを発見できる場所にすることThe idea behind Vyne is to try new varieties of wine, new flavours, and to discover the ultimate wine-food combination. Where one thing should be made

住所:Prinsengracht 411, 1016 HM Amsterdam
時間:18:00〜22:00(日曜16:00〜)/金・土 16:00〜翌1:00
TEL:+31 20 344 6408
clear: the food should serve the wine, and not vice versa. Vyne replaces the old brown bars.

Because at last the Netherlands has become a wine land. Wine courses are packed solid, people organize wine tastings in their homes, wine guides fly over the counters and there is even Dutch wine. Above all, good wine no longer has to be on the cheap.

By chance a beautiful place 50 meters from restaurant Envy came on the market. It was not too big, and not too small, just right for a wine bar. The place was bought, Concrete could get started. Vyne is laid out in two sections. On the right is the drinks section, with oak boards on the floor. The left side holds the wine library; a wall filled from top to bottom with bottles of wine. And 250 different kinds, at that.

The kitchen at the back is not open, but is subtly drawn into the rest of the bar by the great ‘chef’s table’; here wine tastings can be held. Around 100 people can drink at Vyne.

Address: Prinsengracht 411, 1016 HM Amsterdam
Open: 18:00-22:00 (Sun from 16:00) / Fri&Sat 16:00-01:00
Tel: +31 20 344 6408
地址:Prinsengracht 411, 1016 HM Amsterdam
电话:+31 20 344 6408

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