© Sazanka

© Sazanka

ホテル・オークラ・アムステルダムの一階に位置する日本スタイルの鉄板焼き料理店「さざんか」。目の前で調理する方法で、お客さんの目を楽しませることで人気となっているOn the Hotel Okura’s ground floor you will find the Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka. Teppanyaki literally means ’to grill on a hot plate’, which is traditionally the oldest way of preparing food in Japan

Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka
住所:Hotel Okura, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam
TEL:+31 (0)20 678 7450
. In Japan this kind of dining is very popular, in part because the chef prepares the most delicious dishes right before guests’ eyes. Various kinds of fish and meat, including the very exclusive Wagyu beef, are prepared à la minute with ’’Japanese precision’.

The Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka’s interior is in a contemporary Japanese style, the design of which is based on stone, wood, water and fire.

These elements reflect the prominent role nature plays in Japanese daily life. The eleven teppanyaki hot plates will seat seven to ten guests each and are perfect for both business and festive occasions. It is also possible to reserve a private room with two hot plates, offering room to a maximum of 18 guests. Private lunches for at least ten guests are available on request.

Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka
Address: Hotel Okura, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam
Opening Hours: Dinner 18:30 – 22:00
Tel: +31 (0)20 678 7450
地址:Hotel Okura, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam
电话:+31 (0)20 678 7450


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