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© droog store

© droog store

アムステルダムを本拠地に1993年に立ち上げられたドローグは、デザイン声明を掲げ世界中の企業やクライアント、製造事業者、またデザイナー、アーティスト、建築家等、デザインに関わるDroog is an enterprise based in Amsterdam and set up in 1993 as a statement on design. They operate worldwide together with partners, clients and manufacturers, designersあらゆる分野の人々と共に活動している。人の目線に寄り添って作られる彼らの製品は記憶や郷愁、再利用、職人の技能や自然等をテーマとしてそれぞれのストーリーを語っている。

droog store
住所:Staalstraat 7b, Amsterdam
時間:火〜土 12:00〜18:00
TEL:+31 20 523 5059

Translation: Tamami Kadowaki
, artists and architects in all areas of design. Working from a mentality that is close to human, their products each tell a story about themes such as: memories, nostalgia, re-use, craftsmanship and nature.

Droog store (at home) in Amsterdam sells their complete collection as well as a great variety of other products that have been selected by themselves, apart from their own collection. They also organise exhibitions and events on a regular base at the flagship store.

The building of the store dates from the 17th century, when the Dutch ‘Staalmeesters’ met here to sample the products of the textile industry. The facade still is in the original state, but the interior has been renovated in the seventies.

droog store
Address: Staalstraat 7b, Amsterdam
Open: Tue-Sat 12:00-18:00
Tel: +31 20 523 5059
droog store
地址:Staalstraat 7b, Amsterdam
时间:星期二至星期六 12:00-18:00
电话:+31 20 523 5059

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