DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by an online magazine "SHIFT", aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 267 works from 27 countries this year, and excellent 24 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also exposed on the website.
This year's festival will take place in Sapporo "SOSO", "sendai mediatheque", and Osaka "digmeout" during the whole month of November, 2006.
There are also invited films specially screened; an unique compilation of 100 One Minute Slow Motion Videos "SLOMO VIDEO", a collection with a concept of 'motion graphics as environment' "motion texture DVD", and 11 selected films as an exchange program with "New Media Festival in Seoul" which has been held in Seoul since 2000
It is also displayed as special exhibition program for visitors to play at the venue an interactive audio & visial works "CODE", created by Sadmb.
During the festival, a lot of related audio & visual events will also be scheduled.


11.10 FIX MIX MAX!
The works and interview film of artists in the "FIXMIXMAX!" exhibition, which will be held from November 10th to 19th, will be shown. In addition, there is a performance by "Matsuri-Taro", a FMM artisit, and an audio visual performance by Junichi Oguro aka GROK and beatimage (Katuya Ishida) whose works are in DOTMOV x FMM special program.
Time: 20:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 1000 yen (with 1 drink)
Organised by FIXMIXMAX!

The special version of "Kazyanight" which has been holding every forth Friday at SOSO. Featuring a VJ unit "farnicon" of the generation of computer-game (fami-con), the event will be more interactive with game booth and DVJ scratch that visitors can join.
Performers: Kazyanight, Masahiro, Hiromi, Will'B'M'T
Time: 19:00 - 24:00
Fee: Day 1500 yen (with 1 drink)
Organised by Kazyanight
11.11 HD1111
An electronic music artist based in Sapporo "Invisible Future" will provide the sound and film night, inviting a sampling hunter of sounds and images "Nipponia" from Tokyo.
Performers: Nipponia, Invisible Future, Sketch Pad, Magro
Time: 19:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 1500 yen, Day 2000 yen (with 1 drink)
Organised by Invisible Future

Opening party of Atelier FLY which will re-open in collaboration with a hair make up studio "essence". The event theme is WONDER LAND TRIP! It will take you to some marvelous scenes with hair make up, films and illustrations.
Performers: Miwa Yokoyama, Noa, Emi Shiratori, JunglemanX
Time: 20:00 - 23:30
Fee: Adv. 1500 yen, Day 2000 yen (with 1 drink)
Organised by ESSENCE/FLY
Live music event by an electronica musician mjuc (Hideaki Takahashi) who is based in Tokyo, playing worldwide, and has released a new album "parallel points" in October, and another electronica musician Uwe Haas who is based in Germany and has released "OUTSIDE".
The new album "parallel points" was completed in collaboration with a Jazz trumpeter in UK, Kevin Davy and a free vocalization artist Yutaka Fukuoka. The music can be downloaded at iTunes Music Store.
Also, a Sapporo based visual artist Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a Second to None works will show the performance with abstract beat using sampler, DVJ, and electronic music devices.
Performers: mjuc (Hideaki Takahashi), Uwe Haas, Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a Second To None Works
Time: 19:00 - 23:00
Fee: Free entrance
Organised by SOSO CAFE

* There is a possibility that the contents and time of these related events might be changed.
For details, please contact each event's organiser directly. All advance tickets are available at SOSO.


New Me
4:05 | 2006 | Austria
Dir: Aleksandra Domanovic
Music: Jamie Lideil

This piece shows how a video with simple one angle camera shot could be incredibly entertaining with an intelligent visual idea.

Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)

2D Slave
4:47 | 2005 | Hong Kong
Dir: Jacky Lochinghang
The story is based on Fourth Dimension: Tetraspace, (c) 2002-2003 Garrett Jones
Soundtrack: Waking Life

This piece stuck out from the rest because of it's direct narration and playful view of our world from a (really) flat kind of guy.I loved the "educational" diagrams and hand-drawn type combined with some not-so-digital stop-animation. Perfect for a flat world. Flat is beautiful!

Selected and commented by Fork

Taichi 'In'
5:45 | 2005 | Hong Kong
Dir: Jacky Lochinghang
Footage video: Sun style T'ai Chi Ch'uan VCD
Released by Philcon Audio & Visual Int. Co. Ltd.

According to Wikipedia, "Sun style T'ai Chi Ch'uan" of which this film uses as material, is one of Chinese traditional styles of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and "ranks fourth in popularity and fifth in terms of seniority among the five family styles of T'ai Chi".
To take concrete materials as sampling source is a common method in sound-makings or movies. Not only field-recordings or shootings, but also ordinary documentaries, 'how to' videos, and educational videos can be useful materials. However, the interesting feature of this work is not about the reference of such existing sources. Jacky Lochinghang did not specially edit time line or cutout, but just clipped 5 minutes and 45 seconds of T'ai Chi video. Only editing work he did is to crop around the person in a rectangle shape, to color the surrounding in black, and to put only one Kanji character "In" on the black part. The creation appeared by this simple work is what I'm really interested in.
Obviously, it seemed that the work to mask the person with black rectangle was done by hand. In the city like Akihabara, Tokyo, some devices to take out mosaic of adult video are in market, but the hand controlling by joystick requires very strong passion and concentration. Early video games also require the same kind of concentration.
This work superficially looks to follow the person's movement by an accurate machine, but in fact it is traced by the operation which seemed to be done by hand. As a result, it adds delicate fluctuation and tension to the work, which cannot be expressed by machine.
The base material (the rectangle window and the person moving inside), black background and a word "In" are in really simple composition, but it's also like beautiful minimal music. The delicate fluctuation is successful in letting audience to focus on the perfect ordinary video of 5 minutes and 45 seconds (T'ai Chi VCD). The person playing T'ai Chi tries to expand his own world, but the outside close to his body shows the aura of null field, which is symbolized with the word "In". I think this is a work expressed inside and outside, yin and yang (black and white), and existence and nonexistence of person (world) in a really simple way.
That is also as if watching some sort of sports, continuous volley of tennis or table tennis.

Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine)

1:00 | 2006 | UK
Dir: Zeitguised

Zeitgeist's Aminoassets is a play on the building blocks of all life on earth - Amino Acids. The lo-fi stop-motion style is an interesting approach to the story of evolution where everything starts and finishes with assets - is what we own what we are? - and though the mutant fusion apocalyptic finale is a little predictable, the overall combination of style and content choice made this piece stand out for us as a cohesive well written well executed idea rather than just another software based eye candy techno workout.

Our Choice because.
Amino Acids created proteins which form the basis of life, Aminoassets by Zeitguised explores this.
Beginning with a puff of smoke we are a shown assortment of objects spread across a sheet of lined paper implying that this is a study from a text book at school. The animation style is a kind of stop motion but done on a computer which adds to the nostalgic mood.
The objects build up and rub together in a primordial soup of creation as the stark clitchly soundtrack intensifies. Eventually the objects combine to create strange mutant people.
The piece ends as it begins in a puff of smoke, a reference to civilisations demise perhaps? Also saying how everything we know is made of the same elements. In all an excellent piece.

Selected and commented by The Designers Republic

Giocattoli Futuristi
10:00 | 2006 | Italy
Dir: Claudio Castelli

This is an excellent piece of work. It is a good sample of futurism, cubism and expressionism. It creates new animation with picturesque reference, this work is abudant with colour, expression and mordern music. It enables people to imagine the 'Metropolis - Fritz Lang' also the colour and meterial from Paul Gauguin & Georges Rouault. Eventually this is beautiful work that people fall into artistic interest.

Selected and commented by Sugarcube

3:58 | 2006 | Germany
Dir: Robert Seidel
Music: Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzalez
(c) 2006 Warner Music UK Limited

"Futures" is hypnotic, textured, and beautiful. Robert Seidel reveals a hidden world in everyday objects. Deconstructed organic elements reverse in time, becoming what they once were. It suggests that in death there is a hidden beauty.

Selected and commented by Motion Theory

Take The Lead-REMIX
3:07 | 2006 | UK
Dir: Addictive TV

1:49 | 2006 | Austria
Dir&Music: Oliver Laric

Pan Out
2:24 | 2006 | UK
Dir: Jaygo Bloom

6:44 | 2006 | Japan
Dir: Akio Okamoto
Music: Ultra Living

Oh Deer
5:39 | 2006 | New Zealand
Dir: Chungmin Moon
Music: Junjayang

You Drive Me Oh Oh Oh
3:46 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Torisukoshiro+Autophene
Music: Juicy Panic

Water's Face
1:37 | 2006 | South Korea
Dir: Ji-Suk Jung

Eat Maki Maki
1:33 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Taku Anekawa + Melt Metal

Floating Mustache
0:33 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Taku Anekawa + Melt Metal

1:59 | 2005 | Hong Kong
Dir: Jacky Lochinghang

8:50 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Takahiro Hayakawa
Music: Poino

Improvisation-Animation (04)
1:09 | 2006 | Japan
Dir: Manavu Muragishi

5:42 | 2006 | Japan
Dir: Yugo Hori
Music: Segeke a.k.a Shigeki Tamura

Loop | 2006 | UK
Dir: Thomas Traum
Music: Tim Hecker, My Love Is Rotten To The Core

Its Tomorrow Already
7:54 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Takafumi Tsuchiya
Sound: aus

4:00 | 2006 | Japan
Dir: Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a Second To None Works

3:03 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Kensuke Amano

4:28 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: KEPPEK Mitsuzo Films
Courtesy of BroadStar



100:00 | 2005 | USA
Founder: Ryan Junell

"SLOMO VIDEO", 100 One Minute Slow Motion Videos by 85 Filmmakers and Video Artists from around the world. This unique compilation of cinematic slowness will pull the audience through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic visual and audio beauty.

Motion Texture

50:00 | 2006 | Japan
Dir: WOW

"Motion Texture DVD", a collection with a concept of 'motion graphics as environment', composed of motion graphics by a creative production "WOW" and music from "SUMANTRI" selected by DJ19.

6th New Media Festival in Seoul

40:00 | 2006 | South Korea

11 selected films as an exchange program with "New Media Festival in Seoul" which has been held in Seoul since 2000.

6th New Media Festival in Seoul
Date: 17th - 25th November 2006
Place: Alternative space LOOP (Seoul, South Korea)


65:00 | 2006 | Japan

A special program of "FIXMIXMAX!" exhibition, which will be held in "Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art" from November 10th to 19th.
Screening works by Sapporo-based visual creators and artists of wide range of generations, it brings the current film scene of Sapporo.

Features: Ryusuke Ito, Satoshi Hata, Teppei Koseki, FE, Yoko Oda, Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a Second To None Works, beatimage (Katsuya Ishida), Ryuichi Oosawa


An interactive work "Code" to play music by typing keyboard.
You can play "Code" on your PC !!
Please visit

Interactive Software | 2005 | Japan
Created by Sadmb (Sadam Fujioka + Osamu Sambuchi)

Companies, organisation and people supporting and cooperating with DOTMOV festival.

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A projector is provided by Canon. DVJ is provided by Pioneer, wireless headphone by Tohoku Pioneer. Video hosting by (mt) Media Temple

Guest Judges: The Designers Republic, Motion Theory, Yoshi Sodeoka/c505, Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine), Sugarcube, Fork

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