DOTMOV Festival 2005 is a digital film festival with an aim to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their work. Selected works from the entry throughout the world will be screened at Soso Cafe which is produced by an online magazine Shift for a month, from November 1st to 30th, 2005. This year's total submission was 364 works from 28 countries, and 36 works were selected by guest creators. All selected works for this year will be shown on web site from November 1st (finished). During the festival, a lot of related audio & visual events will also be scheduled.
Moreover, there are two special screening programs; the latest DVD collection "SLIDE" which has just released this Nov in Europe, produced by a Paris based Japanese visual artist Yuki Kawamura, and the carefully selected films from more than 1000 films library of the "openART" project, which promotes visual exchange between Japan and Europe. It is also displayed as special exhibition program for visitors to play at the venue an interactive animation "Micro Plantation" by Akinori Oishi who takes an active part in Europe.


This is the visual version of "ROCKNIGHT" which Soso cafe helds on Friday night irregularly. You can enjoy visuals of rock music screened as if DJ plays. Carrying in music DVD will be welcomed.
Performers: Chisato Shinya, Hiroshi Kotake, Muku, Susumu Koike, Gan and others
Date: November 3rd (Wed), 2005 18:00-22:00
Fee: Day 1,000yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Kinpro +

Audio & Visual Presentation by a resident DVDJ at Soso cafe MOGRA. He will show the special and secret visual works you cannot expect, to say nothing of his standerd DVDJ performance.
Performers: Mogra and others
Date: November 5th (Sat), 2005 20:00-24:00
Fee: Day 1,000yen/with 1 drink
Organised by SOSO

Featuring event of electronic music and visuals by Nordform which is held on every third Friday at Soso cafe. This time, they will have artists from a long standing electronic music label in Kyoto and Tokyo "Ryoondo-Tea".
Performers: Keinichiro Hoshi + Snoweffect, Firo, PsysEx (12k/daisyworld/ryoondo-tea/shrine)
Date: November 18th (Fri), 2005 20:00-25:00
Fee: 2,000 yen/with 1 drink (Adv. ticket with CD)
Organised by Nordform
An experimental event which reconstructs various field of music dissolved to new music format. A performance by abstract beats using sampler, DVJ and machinery of electronic music.
Performers: Second To None Works
Date: November 19th (Sat), 2005 20:00-25:00
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Second To None Works

11.22 LA LIVE
Young artists based in Sapporo will have a performance featuring body painting, visual, and sound. Three programs are organized mainly in the world of painters.
Performers: ChiQ, Takaki, Ayano, Ree., Kagei, Yu-gan, Moegi Kii (Musical theater company Moegi-Iro), Hiroaki Muragishi, Ohshima and others
Date: November 22nd (Tue), 2005 20:00-25:00
Fee: Adv. 1,500 yen, Day 1,800yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Miwako Fujitani

A Sapporo based electronic music artist "Invisible Future" presents a sound and visual night, with sampling hunters of sound and visual, Nipponia Electronica and Kimitaka Matsumae from Tokyo.
Performers: Nipponia Electronica / Kentaro Hamasato, Kimitaka Matsumae, Invisible Future
Date: November 23rd (Wed), 2005 18:00-22:00
Fee: 2,000yen/with 1 drink (Adv. ticket with CD)
Organised by Invisible Future
11.25 DEVICE
Sapporo based visual artists will gather. Having a large-sized three-dimensional screen in Soso cafe, they provide a space which you can feel visuals and sounds in real time.
Performers: Mogra, Jungleman-X, Susumu Koike, Invisible Future, Agrom and others
Date: November 25th (Fri), 2005 19:30-24:00
Fee: Adv. 1,500 yen, Day 2,000yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Agrom

A Sapporo based design team Wabisabi will show their new work featuring graphic, visual and sound with a theme of "Body and Blood". It will also be on sale their original goods like T-shirts or silk posters with special limited event edition.
Performers: Wabisabi and others
Date: November 26th (Sat), 2005 20:00-22:00
Fee: Adv. 1,500 yen, Day 2,000yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Wabisabi

A paticipating style make-up event which is already familiar at Soso. As an extra edition, they develop a special collaboration live performance with artists from different fields in Sapporo.
Performers: Furu, Taka, Daisei, Miwa, Rumirumi, Ayumin, Minaco, Mogra and others
Date: November 27th (Sun), 2005 20:00-23:30
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Thanks Giving Make Up

* There is a possibility that the contents and time of these related events might be changed.
For details, please contact each event's organiser directly. All advance tickets are available at SOSO.


Vishnu en Provence
05:50 | 2005 | France
Dir & Music:
Tristan Mendes France

Timeless, poetic & thought provoking.
Human sculpture as unsettling as it is entertaining.

Selected and commented by The Designers Republic

01:29 | 2005 | Hong Kong
Dir: Fu Pok Yan

Very simple but inspiring.
Impressive use of digital video technology.

Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)

02:30 | 2005 | UK
Dir: Max Hattler

As a matter of fact, the digital movie privately produced cannot help becoming short movie no matter how of the technology came off.The system requirements of the image software shows the current state of digital movie. It doesn't become something useful at all in "Lowest system requirements", and it begins to move in high spec such as "Recommended system requirements". Though VJ movement at year 95 was technically primitive, the image in the abstract expression was completed enough in one point of uniting with the sound. The "Collision" on 30 seconds of 2 minutes by Max Hattler attracted attention while there are some works in lack the balance of the sound and the image in the perfection. I would think highly of the clear will to aim at independent film works, not the imitation of a music clip existing.The creation of the image with this political work remind me of Japanese respectable music clip program "Minna no Uta" by NHK, rather than sending message directly. It also reminds of Japanese traditional installation of sounds and visual "Fire Works", and many other things are awaken with the national flag scattering around. This work was standout in the rousing power of the image.

Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine)

04:02 | 2005 | Japan
Dir & Music:
Toshiaki Hanzaki

Beautiful hand drawn animation is mixed and layered to create a piece of work that is familiar yet original.†It was nice to see an analog departure from all of the digital work being done nowadays. The textures, colors, and overall visual style create a raw short film that is reminiscent of the days of Terry Gilliam.†

Selected and commented by Motion Theory

Morning of the end
04:20 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Yuji Arai

Like a symbolical poem, Yuji Arai's "Morning of the end" starts with dreary flutters of a fly, deserted lands, harsh winds as keen as razors and a last leaf hung on a tree. But the mellow music leads us right into the last morning of this visionary world, which is ever so dreamy. I can't be sure that what I think would exactly match the director's intention, but I think the director wanted our deserted souls to have a last drop of hope in them, through a naked child's struggle against devastated earth and its end. At the very end, the ringing sound of a girl's bicycle that running across the field brought me out of my own dream. This piece is a perceptive, impressive and beautiful production.

Selected and commented by Sugarcube

Mano - Cycle
01:00 | 2005 | France
Dir: Lindsay Patrick
Music: Yosuke Hayashi

It doesn't have to be deep, to be thought.
The sun's out. A little house with some bush.
Your hand is on the mouse.
Airplanes are cutting up the sky.

Selected and commented by Fork

06:50 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Antenna
Music: Raymond Team

Gate vision
05:24 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Kazuhiko Kobayashi

05:25 | 2003 | Germany
Dir: Thorsten Fleisch

Love History
14:02 | 2005 | Spain
Dir: Chuchu Nunez
Sound: Aitor Amozarrain

01:15 | 2003 | Germany
Dir: Oliver Martinovic

The Cage
01:00 | 2005 | U.S.A.
Dir: Qian Qian

Century Gothic
03:14 | 2005 | U.S.A.
Dir: Mike Winkelmann

04:35 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Susumu Yamaguchi
Music: KONNO

Motion A:flow
02:30 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Ogawa

01:30 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Tatsuki Saito

The front of the mirror
02:20 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Mariin Ue

4 Senses
02:08 | 2005 | Latvia
Dir: Ojars Apinis & Ieva Dzintare
Sound: Ojars Apinis

Electric Sleep
02:14 | 2005 | U.S.A.
Dir: Kevin Kunze
Music: Jim Clark

05:15 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a Second To None Works

04:40 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Takahiro Hirata

Small Ship
06:15 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Syusaku Kaji & Icchie
Music: Yossy Little Noise Weaver

03:24 | 2004 | Japan
Dir & Misic: SharpEND
Courtesy of BroadStar

05:55 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Soichi Ando
Courtesy of BroadStar


It will be specially showed the latest DVD collection "SLIDE" which has just released this Nov in Europe, produced by a Paris based Japanese visual artist Yuki Kawamura.
© 2005 Yuki Kawamura / Lowave / EDV 1394

01:44 | 2002 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura

04:20 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura
Music: Yoshihiro Hanno

06:00 | 2005 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura
Music: Yoshihiro Hanno

01:58 | 2002 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura
Music: Yoshihiro Hanno

04:20 | 2002 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura

05:12 | 2002 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Kawamura
Music: Yoshihiro Hanno

It will be specially showed the carefully selected films from more than 1000 films library of the "openART" project, which promotes visual exchange between Japan and Europe.

ACIDMAN shortfilm
"SAI / Revolving... to the core"

16:14 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Isao Nishigori

Loop Pool
03:02 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Daiki Aizawa

05:02 | 2000 | Japan

05:00 | 2003 | Germany
Dir: Nikias Chryssos & Frank Brandstetter

03:51 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Atsushi Suzuki

Electronic Performers
05:44 | 2004 | France
Dir: Amaud Ganzerli, Laurent Bourdoiseau, Jerome Blanquet
Music: AIR
© Machine Molle / Revolvair 2004



Interactive Animation
Japan 2001
Dir: Akinori Oishi

Akinori Oishi is a graphic artist who takes an active part in Europe after the international prize at "MILIA 2001" in France.
His intaractive animation "Micro Plantation" will be displayed for visitors to play at the venue.


Design: Hideki Inaba
T-shirt by BEAMS T


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