Shift has been trying to offer artists many platforms to showcase their works online. The Shift calendar competition, held from 2003 successively, pushes the boundaries between online and off line using a "calendar" as its medium. Entries are invited from all over the world and selected works will be distributed throughout the world in the format of a physical calendar.
This year, selected works will be exhibited and sold at PRINT'EM web site for a year with support by PRINT'EM, a graphic print center operated by Mitsubishi Paper MIlls Limited. Also it will be exhibited at the gallery cafe Soso between December 1st and the 28th, 2006.
The deadline for this competition is on September 10th, 2006. Please show/send us your original work.


Intention of the competition:

The aim of the competition is to discover fresh creators and support them, Shift provides a platform to show works using a calendar as a medium.


Shift accepts work regardless of nationality and experience.
Work should not have been published anywhere and not been submitted to the other past competitions, including the past edition of Shift calendar competition.


Choose your favourite theme and create the work freely.

Works to submit:

The format should be Photoshop or Illustrator data. (If you use Photoshop, the data should be 300 dpi)
You are required to prepare three kinds of data.

- For calendar: w 210 x h 297 mm (A4)
- For exhibition and sales at PRINT'EM site and exhibition at Soso: A0 (w 841 x h 1,189 mm )
- For entry: Jpeg format (72 dpi), w 595 x h 842 pixels.
Please send this thumbnail via e-mail

The image, text, illustration and any other components within your work should be original.

About the selected works:

Twelve creators will be selected and their each art work will be used as visual in the Shift 2007 Calendar.
These twelve works will be exhibited and sold at PRINT'EM web site and also exhibited at the gallery cafe Soso in Sapporo.


9:00pm on the 10th of September, 2006 (Japan time).
Submission starts on the 1st of June, 2005.

Fees and Expenses:

We're afraid we are unable to offer any fees, expenses or royalties in connection with this competition.

About the submitted works:

Copyright and the right to distribute the prize-winning works will belong to the creators. However, the right to use the works will belong to Shift. The works will be used for the Shift 2007 Calendar, Shift web site, publicity. It will also be exhibited and sold at PRINT'EM site and exhibited at the gallery cafe Soso in Sapporo.

Email address for inquiry and submission:

How to submit:

1. How to submit

Please send the image in Jpeg format (72 dpi) and send it via e-mail to:
* Limited 5 works per person
E-mail subject should be "2007 Calendar Competition".
Please make sure to include your name, postal address, phone number.

2. Selection

Shift will select the submitted works that have arrived by 9:00pm on the 10th of September, 2006 (Japan time) and select the winning works. We will only inform the result to the selected creators, and any inquiries regarding the result can not be accepted.

3. Use of the works

We are going to send the result to the selected creators and ask them to send proper data (A4/A0).
The release date of the Shift 2007 Calendar is scheduled for the end of October.
Selected works will also be exhibited and sold at PRINT'EM web site for a year (January - December 2007) and exhibited at a gallery cafe Soso for a month (December 1st and the 28th, 2006).
The result of this competition will be announced in SHIFT 119 issue, launched on the 10th of October, 2006.

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