DOTMOV Festival 2004 is a digital film festival coorganised by Hokkaido Foundation For Cultural Activities with an aim to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their work. Selected works from the entry throughout the world will be screened at Soso Cafe which is produced by an online magazine Shift for a month, from November 1st to 30th. This year's total submission was 385 works from 33 countries, and 36 works were selected by guest creators. All selected works for this year will be shown on web site from November 1st. (finished) During the festival, a lot of related audio & visual events will also be scheduled.

There are also Special Screening Programmes. Diesel's fall/winter advertising campaign "DREAM" which consists of 30 short films created by 30 different film-makers throughout the world under the theme of "dream", Panasonic's 10 short movies "Capture The Motion" created by ten young and energetic creators and some works from "Sound x Vision 2004".

*The photos from the related events (not all of them) have been updated. Please click each event's title to see them.


Selected 36 works from the entry and special programme are screened every day.
Date: November 1st (Mon) - 30th (Tue), 2004
Place: SOSO (Sansei Bld., 1F, S 1 W 13, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
Time: 11:00 - 21:00
Admission free
All selected works can also be seen on the web site.

One of the guest creators, Jiro Ohashi who is an editor in chief for SAL magazine and Kurando Furuya (SIM/SAL magazine), will give a talk show and an audio & visual performance "SAL magazine night".
Date: October 31st (Sun)
Time: 16:00-18:00 Talk Show
Time: 18:00-20:00 Screening
Time: 20:00-23:00 SAL magazine night
Performer: James Clar, Nipponia Electronica, Kurando Furuya (SIM/SAL magazine), Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine) and more..
Ticket: 2,000yen/with 1 drink (only 50 limited tickets are available)

A quarterly free magazine, with a focus on the visual, based in Japan. This magazine has given a jolt to the world's graphic scene with its unique style; printed in B4 size, free, the carefully selected lineup of participating artists, and its incredible quality. This is one of the most difficult free papers to get due to the high demand.

Interactive lighting designer and installation artist from New York. He received his Masters at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. He was an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Atelier of New York and did work at Fabrica, Italy. Influenced by working in music and animation, his works are often bright, colorful, and tech-y objects that interact with its environment and sound.


Live drawing on projection by Chisato Shinya, who did an illustration for "The Illustrated Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm" and "Andersen" published from Die Gestalten, and Kimiyoshi Futori.
Performer: Chisato Shinya, Kimiyoshi Futori, Kentaro Hamasato (Nipponia Electronica)
Date: November 3rd (Wed), 2004 20:00-23:00
Fee: Adv. 1,500 yen, Day 2,000yen/with 1 drink
Organised by: KINPRO

"Opera registrata" presented by Teatro d'Inncichi.
Title: "La verita in cimento" by Vivaldi
Date: November 5th (Fri), 2004 18:30 - 22:00
Fee: Adv. 2,000 yen, Day 2,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Teatro d'Inncichi

Lecture and workshop by Yoshihide Otomo, a leading turntablist who has been admired in the field of contemporary music, improvisation and noise.
Date: November 8th (Mon)/9th (Tue), 2004 19:30 - 22:00
Fee: Adv 2,000 yen/day, 2 days ticket 3,000 yen/both with 1 drink
Organised by NMA (Now Music Arts)

"DDD" is a DVD label in which artist themselves produce the contents and its packaging. Nyancos's creator Yoshiyasu and Shinichiro Kitai (Devil Robots) will give a talk show.
Speaker: Yoshiyasu, Shinichiro Kitai (Devil Robots)
Date: November 13th (Sat), 2004 19:00 - 22:00
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500 yen/ with 1 drink
Organised by DDD DVD

A stage of visual x speech x music presented by Masaki Kagajo. Daily happenings, customs and scenery represented in visual or illustration is going to be translated into "laugh" with speech and music.
Date: November 14th (Sun), 2004 19:30 - 22:00
Fee: Adv. 2,500 yen, Day 2,900 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by SCHERZO

They toured 18 cities in one month having 27 stages and drew 2,500 audiences in 2003. All-men flamenco group Cuatro Caminos is going to give a fabulous performance with singing, guitar and dancing.
Date: November 17th (Wed), 2004 19:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 4,000yen, Day 4,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Cuatro Caminos


11.19__ROUND TABLE 1
The second edition of the round table series by Think Garden Plus, titled "Sapporo Survival Meeting". Participants will be anyone who creates something such as an artist, designer or editor, etc... Guests from Tokyo will also be invited.
Date: November 19th (Fri), 2004 19:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 800 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Think Garden Plus

A live show organised by Numero Deux which publishes Magnet, a free magazine. Two different bands, one is "pop" and another is "cool", will perform in collaboration with visual performance.
Performer: Minikyute, Roba Rappa, Shingo Kikuchi (Rocket Design), Rina Naganuma (Eizoko)
Date: November 20th (Sun), 2004 20:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Numero Deux

Performance presented by a Sapporo based visual artist Hiroshi Kondo a.k.a. Second To None Works from "maruhama" and Yoshiro Matsunaga. It's an installation generating and mixing of visuals and music in real time.
Date: November 21st (Sun), 2004 20:00 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Second To None Works

Audio visual performance by a Sapporo based visual creator "310326" and Fukuoka based creator "16 (HIRO)"
Performer: 310326 + 16(HIRO), Yasuhi Kamiya, Yoshihiro Tsukahara, SASTRO
Date: November 26th (Fri), 2004 19:30-25:30
Fee: Adv. 2,000 yen, Day 2,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by SASTRO

UK based artist Gabriela Maciel's sound & visual installation. She will be working with white debris netting with cutting, ripping, throwing and knotting guided by the emotion of sound and rhythm.
Performer: Gabriela Maciel, Invisible Future, errorEncountered
Date: November 27th (Sat), 2004 20:00-22:00
Fee: Adv. 1,000 yen, Day 1,500 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by Shift

A show combined make-up, fashion and nail art under the theme of "aurora". It's a fashion event in which visitors can actually enjoy a make-up & nail service.
Date: November 28th (Sun), 2004 19:30 - 23:00
Fee: Adv. 1,500 yen, Day 2,000 yen/with 1 drink
Organised by TGMU

* There is a possibility that the contents and time of these related events might be changed.
For details, please contact each event's organiser directly. All advance tickets are available at SOSO.



04:30 | 2003 | Germany
Dir: Lo Iacono
Sound: Michael Kadelbach

A 'techno-queasy' look at the everyday.
It's journey around a moment in time is both hypnotic and somewhat unsettling. Our modern world captured in a modern way.

Selected and commented by The Designers Republic


03:10 | 2003 | Japan
Dir: Yuki Tozuka
Sound: Tomohiro Toyota

What is so amazing about this video is that it was probably made entirely with only one polka dot pattern asset, resized, duplicated, distorted, inverted and animated. I love the minimalist's approach.
It's inspiring to see the work of simple idea with playful use of a limited environment.

Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)


Random Loop | 2003 | Germany
Dir: Armin Purkrabek
Sound: Phillip Schulze

* It's an installation work to be played in random loop.

I felt the possibility of a real movie with this work, rather than an image, which was created through the monitor with some applications. This was created with a high faculty of composition, manipulating each parameter to handle speed, gravity and time, imagination and editing. It makes me want to watch it again and again. I also felt the same type of admiration in "Digitalsnapshot".

Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi (SAL magazine)


10:01 | 2004 | Germany
Dir: Robert Seidel
Sound: Heiko Tippelt and Philipp Hirsch

_grau is a mesmerizing, beautiful, and disturbing work of art that fuses dark and light to create organic forms and amorphous shapes. The scenes unfold slowly, elegantly revealing tensions between seemingly simple fragments of life. It feels like a long look at some primordial soup giving birth to some of the world's first life forms, or one-celled organisms that can't quite fully resolve themselves.
The soundtrack, with its lonely drones rising and falling, make us believe we are witnessing a dark creation.
The director's most impressive accomplishment was in going beyond the technology of the computer to create something that feels as if it is made of real moments in time, inside a reality only slightly offset from our own.

Selected and commented by Motion Theory


04:30 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Sayaka Maruyama
Sound: Wataru Nishioka

After 5 seconds from the beginning, we immediately discover delightful amusement of camouflage and get struck with admiration. Sayaka leads us to the world of concerto that full of wits and rhythmic sense, which is different to M.C.Escher's works that felt rather crammed with abstruse patterns and visual illusion. Sakaya's work brings stimulations to us to see things around us in a new point of view with imagination.

Selected and commented by Sugarcube

We Still Got It

04:23 | 2004 | Ireland
Dir: Johnny Kelly
Music: The Redneck Manifesto

The motivation for selecting this as our choice was for a combination of reasons. The piece benefits from a strong and simple concept and well thought out story. Putting the viewer in the shoes of a designer charged with designing the album cover for a band. The chosen visual style is interesting and relevant. Reinterpreting the style of cut out paper collage techniques using digital animation, employed in such a way that the techniques and technology used remains transparent, aiding the design, rather than overpowering it.
The design is strong, bold and confident, with excellent use of colour and composition. The animation related well to the music and was full of fun elements and a twisted sense of humour which is something that the Diesel creative team really appreciate.
The piece both captures and maintains the viewers attention until the end of the animation, and succeeds in clearly communicating the intended story.

Selected and commented by Diesel Virtual Department

The Zoo

01:04 | 2004 | Germany
Dir: Zeitguised
Music: Funkstorung

Bleak and unsettling, poetic and paced - a visually stunning piece of work that is both absorbing and challenging.

Selected and commented by Form


03:00 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Takeshi Murata

The Stairs Of The Life Of A Woman

01:56 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Angelo Plessas
Sound: Gnac


00:30 | 2004 | Italy
Dir: Davide Catania


09:56 | 2004 | China
Dir: Qian Qian
Music: Mahler "Symphony No.5"

Not My Type IV

04:40 | 2002 | Australia
Dir: Lycette Bros.


06:02 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Saiman Chow


05:42 | 2004 | Hong Kong
Dir: Tak Hung
Music: Yusuke Naito "Lowjack 3"


03:33 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Rick Silva

She Under A Sherrington Tree

08:25 | 2004 | Canada
Dir & Music:
Nicolas Bernier & Delphine Measroch


14:00 | 2001 | France
Dir: Gastaldon Vidya
Music: Jerome Tillie


03:40 | 2004 | Japan
Dir: Takeshi Kushida

Manufactured Music

02:11 | 2004 | Spain
Dir: Actop
Music: Matthew Herbert as Radioboy

Over Dose

05:50 | 2004 | Japan
Dir & Sound: SecondToNoneWorks

Dark Howling

05:08 | 2004 | The Netherlands
Dir: 310k
Music: 3-1

Stevenson - Maximizing Waste

04:40 | 2004 | Australia
Dir: Pandarosa
Sound: Aka Ltd.


02:34 | 2003 | Japan
Dir: Masato Yamaguchi


06:00 | 2004 | Austria
Dir: Hannes Kolblinger


03:00 | 2004 | France
Dir: Reynald Drouhin


00:30 | 2004 | Spain
Dir: Actop
Sound: Shudo
Concept: Vasava

-Nijiiro no Arch-

05:35 | 2004 | Japan
Music: The Arrows


03:08 | 2004 | Canada
Dir: Eloise Camire

Two Rocks

02:00 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Margot Quan Knight


10:00 | 2004 | UK
Dir: Christian Hogue
Music: Jesper Norda

Captured In Tones

05:39 | 2004 | Germany
Dir: Sascha Pohflepp with Isabelle Schmidt
Music: Funkstorung with Sara Jay


01:00 | 2004 | Germany
Dir: Hey Presto
Music: Funkstorung


06:09 | 2004 | UK
Dir: Carolina Melis
Music: The Customers

Army Of Me

04:30 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Norma Toraya
Music: Esmerine

Self Portrait

00:45 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Norma Toraya

Harboring Wells

05:00 | 2004 | USA
Dir: Norma Toraya
Music: Do Make Say Think "Landlord is Dead"



Diesel is a fashion brand that launches its seasonal campaigns with interesting concepts. Their fall/winter 2004 advertising campaign theme is "DREAM". A collective of 30 film-makers, animators, artists, musicians and illustrators from all over the world have collaborated with Diesel to realize a unique gallery of dreams.


Inspired by the theme "Capture the Motion", a carefully selected group of ambitious, up-and-coming video production artists created 10 short movies for the web site "Panasonic -Olympic Games in Action-" where you can enjoy olympic games with visuals. These movies will be screened specially at this festival in cooperation with Panasonic.


This is a sound and visual project which is been held for 64 days from September to December 2004 in four cities in Japan. Their mission is to provide a contemporary creator's rich vision, exploring new expression of sound and visual emerging from the creative world. They released an official package of the participating artist's works on its opening. Some works from the package will be screened specially at this festival.

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