さっぽろスイーツカフェSapporo Sweets Cafe

© Sapporo Sweets Cafe

© Sapporo Sweets Cafe

乳製品をはじめ、良質な洋菓子原材料に恵まれている北海道。歴史ある銘菓から斬新なアイデアのスイーツまで、洋菓子のあらゆるジャンルにおいて、全国的にその名を馳せてきた。「さっぽろスイーツカフェ」は、このように恵まれた環境の中Hokkaido is very rich in high-quality ingredients for cakes like daily products. From well-known traditional brands of cakes to new sweets, you can enjoy all kinds of sweets in Hokkaido、札幌を「スイーツ王国」と位置づけ、更なるスイーツの普及に取り組むプロジェクトの一環として誕生。2009年10月のオープン以来、大きな話題を呼んでいる。





住所:札幌市中央区大通西2丁目 さっぽろ地下街

Text: Marie Kawasuji
. Sapporo Sweets Cafe was established as a part of a project that makes Sapporo the Sweets Kingdom of the world. Since it opened in October 2009, a lot of tourists from abroad have enjoyed the Sapporo Sweets.

All the cakes are available for both take out or eat in. The colorful cakes are displayed at the white stylish entrance. They are picked up from about 5 cake shops every month. You could try cakes from shops that you didn’t have chance to visit or special shops that only the locals know.

They also have an extensive drink menu. Our recommendation is Kotobuki Coffee. The limited coffee is made with the big water drip coffee maker at the back. Other than this, they serve about 20 kinds of drinks such as tea and cocoa.

Collaborated with Sapporo Sweets Competition, which started in 2006, they have caught more attention. Some cakes have got popularity since they won the competition like the White Tiramisu. The award winning cakes start to be sold in spring every year.

Sapporo Sweets will be must-eat cakes not only for the locals but traveler. Don’t miss what’s coming up next.

Sapporo Sweets Cafe
Address: Sapporo Chikagai, Odori 2 Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
Tel: 011-211-1541

Text: Marie Kawasuji
Translation: Ayano Yamada
地址:札幌市中央区大通西2丁目 さっぽろ地下街

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