北海道画廊Hokkaido Gallery

Hokkaido Morai Kaigakan © Hokkaido Gallery

Hokkaido Morai Kaigakan © Hokkaido Gallery

In a part of Susukino downtown bustling with tourists, there is Hokkaido Gallery which was the 40th anniversary from its founding this year. You might be nervous, when you know that it is opened in 1973観光客らでにぎわう繁華街ススキノの一角に、今年で創業40周年を迎えた画廊、北海道画廊はある。1973年創業、北海道内最大の画廊と聞くと少し身構えるが、ビルの二階に上がると目に飛び込んでくる膨大な数の作品にまず目を奪われる。20年ほど前からこの場所で営業しているといい、レトロな空間で北海道ゆかりの作家、さらに現代美術を含む国内外の著名アーティストの絵をゆっくりと楽しむことができる。




住所:札幌市中央区南3条西2丁目 KT三条ビル2階
年中無休 (年末年始除く)

Text: Sahomi Nishimoto
, and is the biggest gallery in Hokkaido, but once go up to the second floor of the building, a huge number of artworks catch your eyes first. You can take your time to enjoy the works created by Hokkaido related artists and the many national and international famous artists like the contemporary art, in this retro space where it has showcased the gallery for about 20 years already.

Besides the main space “Hokkaido Gallery”, there are various art work sections such as permanent exhibition room of a Sapporo based artist Toshimitsu Sasaki, “Deposit Gallery” selling customers’ artworks which the gallery is in charge of the artworks, and “Hanging Scroll Center” which has the largest stocks in Hokkaido, in the same floor. Also the “Hokkaido Morai Kaigakan” (Refer to the picture) in Morai, Ishikari area, are open on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays and show works by Hokkaido related famous or non-famous artists in the nice location with the sea view.

Not only the gallery sells paintings, but also does various activities like holding auctions for the public, support social service events beyond the boundaries of art etc. In addition, the warm communication with the president who has managed the gallery for 40 years, and other staffs, will make your visit interesting and enjoyable. They continue the warm service all year round because of the love for painting. They are hoping that people can enjoy painting works as they visit the gallery.

You can have a spacious area to view the paintings one by one and appreciate each work as you go around the gallery. It must be a blissful time for art lovers. It is said that some people are interested in paintings, some start to visit art museum because of this gallery. Various works and artists connect us to the new world of art.

Hokkaido Gallery
Address: KT Sanjo Bldg 2F, South 3, West 2, Chuoku, Sapporo
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Closed on Year-end and New Year
Tel: 011-251-3619

Text: Sahomi Nishimoto

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