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Photo by Celeste Najt

Photo by Celeste Najt

Upon finishing her Fashion Design course of studies, Mariana Szwarc travelled to Europe to study fashion photographyマリアナ・スワルクは、ファッション写真を勉強するためにヨーロッパを旅し、そしてアルゼンチンに住み、洋服を自らでデザインしプロデュースしていく決心をした

住所:4814 Honduras Street, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 4831 8467

Text and Photo: Celeste Najt
Translation: Kazunari Hongo
. It was then that she decided she wanted to live in Argentina to design and produce her own line of clothes. Her idea was to set up a multi-brand store with a small collection of her own, plus the lines just released in the local market by those ‘young’ designers nowadays renowned in the Argentine fashion arena. Salsipuedes store, which opened in 2000 in Palermo Soho, is nowadays a well-known brand-name among women keen on fashion.

The designs found at Salsipuedes have been made by Orb, Posse, Flavia Martin, Vero Alfie, Gaby Candiotti, María Lombardi, Aída Sirinian, in addition to the line designed by Szwarc herself. According to her, the best items on sale at the moment are: the ‘Maxima’ Dress, a satin strapless with a wide belt around the waistline and a gauze skirt embroidered with big sequins (Salsipuedes line)(500USD); the ‘Vivian’ Blouse-dress, a mini dress with a body made of black knitwear and a wide belt with an old-fashioned buckle (Salsipuedes line), (234USD). The most sold dress is ‘Paris’, a short dress combining 3 different textures. It is a strapless made of sequin-embroidered net with a natural-silk gauze skirt and a lace overskirt (also Salsipuedes line)(327USD).

The items on sale at Salsipuedes are really special. Women wearing them will feel different from the rest, perhaps the very feeling most women seek to arise when choosing what to wear.

Address: 4814 Honduras Street, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 4831 8467

Text and Photo: Celeste Najt
地址:4814 Honduras Street, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 4831 8467



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